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Thanksgiving Wine Tips

Choosing the right wine this Thanksgiving can be tough with all the different tastes on the table. Between white meat and dark, sweet potatoes, tangy cranberry sauces, buttery potatoes, and rich pumpkin pie, it might be a good idea to serve a little variety of wine. Don’t worry over the gewürztraminer, grow restless over riesling, or stress over shiraz—we’ve collected a few Turkey Day tips to help make sure your wine choices are good as gravy.

But if you’re still stumped, pop into your nearest Spec’s and ask one of our trained Specs-perts to help craft a wine selection that will fit your feast.


Guests are just starting to show up! Put some brut in that lute! The cheery bite of a dry sparkling wine makes any event more a little more bubbly as a starter. Try to stay away from the sweeter Italian sparkling wines before the meal starts. That’s one you may want to save to pair with dessert.

Just say ‘nay to Chardonnay this time around. The overall oakiness isn’t suitable, during dinner consider more tangy, and fruity wines such as Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or gewürztraminer.

Contrary to what many think, serving reds with Turkey breast is ok. However stay away from Cabernet because it is generally a bit tart and high in tannins to match well with turkey, but lighter reds go well. Consider Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zonfandel or Beaujolas.

Between Red and White consider a chilled Rose. Dessert time? Consider selecting these wines to go with your sweet treats: Muscat, Port, Sauterness, Riesling, Asti Spumanti.


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