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New Belgium Brewing Rampant IPA

Rampant Imperial IPA is everything hop fans have come to expect from
 the style with a little something extra–a surprisingly reasonable
 price. Rampant can stand toe-to-toe with the biggest, meanest IPAs in
 the store. This ode to bitterness is first and foremost a floral
 experience. The herbaceous front reminds me…

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Brewery Ommegang Hennepin

One of my personal favorite Saisons, Ommegang’s Hennepin delivers plenty of flavor yet is still refreshing in the Texas heat. One of the classic American Saisons, Hennepin exhibits the spicy overtones of freewheeling Belgian-style fermentation and the ripe juicy apple and pear tones of an especially friendly farmhouse ale. If…

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Left Hand Polestar Pilsner

Left Hand Brewing Company Polestar Pilsner

Left Hand's Polestar Pilsner is one of the most easily overlooked 
beers in the stores. This warm-weather gem comes in a six-pack so 
evocative of a cold clear night that it would be more appropriate as 
a winter warmer. Instead, this is one of the lightest, most refreshing
 craft brews…

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Avery Brewing • White Rascal

While you'll have no trouble finding an aggressive IPA, a
 double stout or Scotch ale in cans these days, the milder more 
sessionable craft styles seem to be much less plentiful. Happily, Avery's can release of White Rascal is bucking this trend. One of my 
favorite American wheats, White Rascal…

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Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Dogfish Head Brewery Indian Brown Ale

Indian Brown Ale is my favorite everyday drinking brew from Dogfish Head. While I enjoy most of their beers, this is one of the few I can have more than one or two of without having to switch things up. Basically a fusion beer of the IPA, brown ale and…

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