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Punch Party Summer

Summer parties are things of beauty. Trying to keep up with the cocktail requests can quickly turn into a full-time job leaving you with no time to actually enjoy the party you’re throwing! Enter the punch bowl. A Quick History of Punch The word punch is loan word from Hindi…

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Upcoming Tasting In Austin, TX - Spec's


DRIPPING SPRINGS 2/14 Devils River Bourbon, Devils River Rye Whiskey Cat Tequila* Silver , Cat Tequila *Cinnamon, Cat Mezcal * Joven, Agalima Margarita Mix Svedka Vodka 80’,  Rose, Strawberry Lemonade BASTROP 2/14 Devils River Bourbon, Devils River Rye Whiskey 2/15 Svedka Vodka 80’,  Rose, Strawberry Lemonade HIGH MEADOW 2/14 Heineken…

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Upcoming Tasting In Dallas, TX - Spec's


NORTHWEST HWY 2/13 Frankly Organic Vodka: Strawberry, Apple, Grapefruit 2/14 Sonoroso: Sweet White, Sweet Rose, Sweet Red Devils River Bourbon Luc Belaire Rare Rose Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur Cruzan Rum: White, Gold, Coconut Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, Templeton Rye 6yr 2/15 Svedka Vodka 80’,  Rose, Strawberry Lemonade Jameson Cold Brew…

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Upcoming Tasting In San Antonio, TX - Spec's


DEZAVALA 2/13 Somrus Indian Cream Liqueur Ketel One Peach Orange, Cucumber Mint,  and Grapefruit Rose Botanicals Vodka Arra Vinyards Blanc de Noir Rose, Arra Vinyards Shiraz, Arra Vinyards Viognier 2/14 Sonoroso: Sweet White, Sweet Rose, Sweet Red District 7: Cabernet, Pinot Noir The Goose Cabernet Sauvignon, Serengeti Marula Cream Svedka…

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Upcoming Tasting In El Paso, TX - Spec's


FLOUR BLUFF 2/14 Dash Vodka Branson Grand Champagne V.S.O.P. Cognac SUNLAND PARK 2/13 Uno Por Favor Tequila Blanco 2/14 Sonoroso: Sweet White, Sweet Rose, Sweet Red Firestone Walker: 805, Flyjack, Mind Haze 2/15 Otto’s CBD Cider: Hopped Apple,Pear Rhubarb, and Pineapple Passion N MESA 2/13 Firestone Walker: 805, Flyjack, Mind…

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Spec’s Top Wines of 2019

We are pleased to announce Spec’s TOP WINE PICKS OF 2019! Our wine experts have traveled to Spain, Napa Valley, and everywhere in between this year tasting thousands of different wines to better serve our customers (and to enjoy some great wine too). These will be great for a Holiday…

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Wine Wednesday

Donnhoff Estate QbA Riesling 2017 One of my friends is a Riesling fanatic. He reveres the grape to the point that he once lectured me about how Riesling is the “ultimate” grape variety. The rationale for his argument was that Riesling is the one variety used to produce wines of…

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Halloween Cocktails

Diabolical Drinks: Halloween Cocktail Recipes

If you’ve been planning your Halloween party since November, the last thing you want to do is serve your ghoulish guests common cocktails. The Halloween theme doesn’t stop at the bar; if anything, it gets amped up a notch or two. Spec’s has you covered with delicious recipes for everything…

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Chocolate Cocktails

Choco Lots of Cocktails

There are times when a glass of liquor is just what you need to take the edge off, but sometimes what you really need is some rich, velvety chocolate to make everything right in the world. Thankfully, combining these two is easier than you think! Join us as we celebrate…

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Junk Food Pairings

Junk Food Wine Pairings

If you think of wine as exclusive to fine dining, you aren’t alone. And while it’s an excellent addition to a special meal, if it’s the only time you break out a bottle, you’re missing out. Wine is a surprisingly delightful companion to a variety of “lower brow” foods. (That’s…

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Apple Flavored Cocktails

An Apple Cocktail A Day…

With cooler weather starting to arrive, it’s time to roll up that flannel sleeve and embrace the taste of the season! No, we’re not talking about pumpkins; there have been enough pumpkin flavored items unleashed on us in the last month to properly summon The Great Pumpkin King a dozen…

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