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Game Cake Day Cocktails

Bevvies for the Big Game

The pinnacle of American sports is upon us! It’s a super good time and if you’ve decided to host a Big Game party, you’ll need to prepare! While the average NFL football game lasts around three hours, the Big Game averages just over four, so you’ll want to take that…

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Game Day Beer And Food Pairing

Game Day Food & Beer Combos Are Sure to Please

Unless you’ve cut ties with all forms of technology and live in a secluded mountain cabin, surviving solely on your wits and woodland creatures, you’ll probably be tuning in to the Big Game on February 3rd. (Of course, if the former is true, you won’t be reading this anyway!) Whether…

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Hotcake Cocktails

Hotcake Cocktails For National Blueberry Pancake Day

Adding blueberries to pancakes? “These flapjacks will sell like hotcakes!” said the first person to add blueberries to pancake batter…one would assume anyway. Regardless of how you like your pancakes, with or without fruit, one can’t deny the pancake as the ultimate breakfast staple. If you’re looking for an excuse…

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Wine And Salad Pairings

Wine and Salad Pairings

January is still in full swing and many of us are sticking to our New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier. Other people are sticking to the much more fun resolution to drink more good wine. Spec’s likes your style! No matter your reason, you’re curious about wine and salad pairings,…

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Low Calorie Liquors

New Year, New You: Low Calorie Liquors

Trying to shred those holiday pounds can be stressful; It almost makes you want to have a glass of wine or scotch just thinking about all that work. The challenge here are the extra calories that alcohol tacks on. What to do? Fear not—we’ve got your New Year’s resolution solution.…

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Hot Toddy Variations

Variations on the Classic Hot Toddy

There’s no magical way to bring a quick and pleasant end to winter unless you’re able to migrate to the opposite hemisphere, but you can certainly make the time until spring more bearable with hot drinks! We’re referring to the classic hot toddy made with honey, lemon juice, hot water,…

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Best Low Calorie Beers

Low Calorie Beers

A new year is the perfect time to forget about all those resolutions you made last year…which was like a week ago, but that’s not important. What is important is taking a step back, clearing the slate, and making a resolution you can actually keep. Many of us partake in…

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Spaghetti Sauce And Wine Pairing

Perfect Pasta Pairings For National Spaghetti Day

Fun Fact: The word spaghetti is plural for the Italian word spaghetto, which is a diminutive of spago, meaning “thin string” or “twine.” The best part about spaghetti is the variety of pasta dishes you can make. With each dish there’s a different wine that pairs perfectly. Check out our…

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The 2019 Great Grape Forecast

New Wine Trends To Watch In 2019

With 2018 in the rearview, we’ll happily raise a glass to its many ups and downs while looking forward to what 2019 has planned for the wine world! The “drink less, but better” wine trend of 2018 looks to carry over into 2019 in surprising ways. Sherry & Wine CocktailsLike…

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Our Favorite Christmas Beers

HOp HOp HOp Merry Christmas Beers

It’s the most seasonal time of the year! That’s right, the winter holidays are here and with them come the Christmas beers. Now, I know what you’re thinking but a Christmas beer doesn’t need to be spicy or strong, dark or sweet; it only needs to be special to you…

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