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10 Best Spirited Vanilla Ice Cream Toppings

10 Best Spirited Vanilla Ice Cream Toppings

I scream, you scream we all scream for liqueur. (Not to be confused with liquor.) A liqueur is liquor with sugars and flavors added—so basically it’s liquor that’s been given a dessertastic upgrade. That said— liqueurs just so happen to make the perfect adult ice cream topping.

In honor of Vanilla Ice Cream Day, we bring you a selection of some of our favorite boozy ice cream additions. Try out any of these suggestions and you’ll instantly give your dessert game a delectable flavor boost.

1: Campari with Lemon Zest

Campari is not overly sweet, so if plain vanilla ice cream is a little to sugary for you then this bright red liqueur will temper the sweet flavor. The touch of lemon zest adds a little tanginess that brings it all together in perfect harmony.

2: Amaretto

Amaretto brings some nuttiness to the table without altering the smooth and creamy texture of vanilla ice cream. For some extra fruitiness, add a few slices of apricot to play off the amaretto notes.

3: Cinnamon Liqueur

This liqueur from Cold Hammer Stills makes a delightful addition to a bowl of Mexican vanilla ice cream. The end result is a flavor reminiscent of a churro stick.

4: Limoncello

Lemony and tart, this liqueur adds a hint of sourness. Use sparingly, as it packs a punch! But limoncello goes great with a sorbet or sherbet.

5: Coconut Liqueur

Coconut liqueur makes for a tasty tropical addition. Our personal favorite is to drizzle a little over chocolate ice cream, but it would work great on a scoop of vanilla or even banana flavored ice cream.

6: Coffee Liqueur

I probably don’t have to sell you on the taste of coffee. It’s pretty much a staple for most of our morning rituals. So why not for our desserts as well? Coffee liqueur makes for a very versatile ice cream topper. Try it with vanilla, almond, milk chocolate, butter pecan, peppermint or even green tea flavored ice cream.

7: Raspberry Liqueur

Raspberry is a fruit flavor that pairs exceedingly well with dark chocolate ice creams. It’s just as good with vanilla ice cream too and tastes like fresh berries with cream.

8: Grand Marnier

This French, orange liqueur turns an ordinary bowl of vanilla ice cream into an adult dreamsicle without being overly sweet. If you prefer a fruitier palate, then drizzle some on top of an orange sorbet. It also works great on chocolate.

9: Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur

This features an outstanding balance of sweetness and bourbon spice. This liqueur from Jack Daniel’s works well on a scoop of coffee flavored ice cream.

10: Mint Liqueur

Mint liqueur adds a dab of freshness to vanilla ice cream, but if you are going for contrast it also meshes well with the flavors of a rich scoop of chocolate ice cream.


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