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5 Beer Picks To Celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day

5 Beer Picks to Celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day

September 7th is National Beer Lover’s Day—the hoppiest day of the year!

But what would National Beer Lover’s Day be if we all drank boring beer? (It would be nonsense—that’s what!) So here are our top 5 end-of summer beer picks to spice up your summer sipping sessions.

Dogfish Head Seaquench Session Sour
A sour beer lover’s dream. SeaQuench Ale is a Gose brewed with lime peel, black limes and sea salt. The result? A citrusy-tart beer that proves wonderfully drinkable and refreshing.

Founder’s All Day IPA
Looking for a summertime beer that’s not too sweet or fruity? Look no further. Founder’s All Day IPA is a session brew that will satisfy even the pickiest hop-head. Low on ABV (4.7%), it’s great for sipping “All Day”, as the name suggests.

Buffalo Bayou Summer Wit
Brewed with flowers? Darn right it is. Buffalo Bayou took a classic Belgian Witbier yeast and fed it hibiscus flowers, ginger coriander, and orange peel. Summer Wit packs a big floral nose, light citrus flavors in the mouthfeel and a dry coriander on the finish.

Brooklyn Brewing Co. Summer Ale
Craft beer doesn’t have to sport a walloping, bold overwhelming flavor. Brooklyn Brewing Co.’s Summer ale is a light and refreshing summer sipper. A delicate mix of British pale malt and German pilsner malt washes your mouth clean, leaving your taste buds invigorated. Fire up the grill for this summer beer.

Breckenridge Mango Mosaic Pale Ale
Mosaic hops naturally give off aromas of guava and mango, lending a unique sweetness to the hop character of this pale ale. To build upon the tropical attributes of the hops, Breckenridge has added a healthy dose of mango. This fruity, summer pale ale is a well-balanced montage of fruit flavors, fresh aromas, and refreshingly crisp goodness.

Seeking more summer sipping suggestions? (Try saying that 5 times fast.) Then mosey on over to your nearest Spec’s, where our “beerologists” can help you find a beer or ale that’s sure to make your National Beer Lover’s Day delightful and full of flavor!


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