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4 Texas Craft Beers You Must Try This Season

4 Texas Craft Beers You Must Try This Season

There are so many great things our beloved state of Texas has contributed to the world. Tex-Mex. Willie Nelson. Dr. Pepper. SXSW. Rodeos. Beyoncé. Whataburger. Tailgate parties. BBQ. Chuck Norris.

Any number of these should spark a sense of Lone Star pride in your heart. But for us, one of the most special things about Texas is the way it does craft beer. Here are our picks of the best seasonal Texas craft beer from the Rio Grande to the Oklahoma border!

1: Bat Outta Helles

Freetail Brewing Co.
This traditional Helles-style lager (Munich’s answer to a Bohemian Pils) pours gold, with a sweet malt flavor that dissipates into a drying hop. With a frothy head and fruity nose, this refreshing craft lager is a must-drink on a warm spring day.

Get yours here, you won’t regret it!

2: Mad Meg Farmhouse Provision Ale

Jester King Brewery
This Texas craft beer from Jester King takes its name after “Dulle Griet” aka Mad Meg—a peasant woman from Flemish folklore who leads an army of women to pillage hell. An ironic name for an ale that tastes ‘heavenly,’ though Mad Meg does taste strong with earthy, spicy hops, and a clean, malty flavor.
Limited availability. So if you can get your hands on this one, jump on it!

3: Belgian Style Tripel

512 Brewing Co.
Brewed in the spirit of the abbey ales of Belgium, this tripel pours a deep golden color with a dense, creamy white head. The spicy palate balances fruity esters with bready malts and firm, but subtle hops. Enticingly dry—this Austin-based craft beer is a must-drink!

4: Cucumber Redbud Berliner

Weiss Independence Brewing Co.
Why the cucumber? It all began when Independence Brewing started making kegs of cucumber water to keep the crew hydrated and survive hot Texas summers. Soon after, they discovered blending the Redbud and cucumber water created a delightful flavor. Thus, Cucumber Redbud Berliner Weiss was born, and we’re glad it was. This craft beer is amazing! The cucumber addition cuts away some of the tartness of the typical Berliner Weiss, and the subtle tart and lemony palate provides a crisp, clean and unique drinking experience you won’t want to miss!
Another limited offering, so don’t wait to grab yours.


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