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An Insider Guide To Your Next Cider For July!

An insider guide to your next cider for July!

By Zach Dehghanpoor

After years of enjoying the hops-mania that’s been surging in the beer community, cider is coming in as a real game changer and palette cleanser. Gluten free, dry and sweet, and so, so easy to drink – the cider side of craft and local beer is what Apples to Apples is here to explore!

With summer just getting started, what better way to quench your thirst in this hot sticky Texas heat than a nice, ice-cold glass of pink lemonade Cider!

Houston Cider Co. is making some big strides in the Texas cider market with their big, bold, tart and  refreshing PRIDER, in celebration and support of Pride Month. Prider is dry, tart, and bursting with flavor, with raspberry tartness upfront and brisk, its so juicy it’s like biting into a fruit gusher! The lemon follows behind, giving it a sharp tartness that tingles on the tongue. This is one crushable cider to get you through the heat.

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But wait there is more!

For those outside of the Houston area, we’ve got something in store for you as well: B NeKtar Punk Lemonade Cider. With less carbonation, this cider is the closet you will get to an alcoholic version of country lemonade! The raspberry is less prominent than the lemon for this brew – more on the slightly sweeter cider than Prider – but this cider is still bursting with flavor. Tart and sweet it goes down oh, so easy.

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