Mighty May Beers! Picks For Early Summer Sips

Summer sun means summer beers at Spec’s! High Texas temperatures call for refreshing beers that won’t wilt in the heat. Here’s Spec’s picks for brews to start the summer off right!

Saint Arnold Summer Pils
This lager from the Houston brewery is delicate, crisp and refreshing, with a sweet malt base and overtones of hops. Great with strong, meaty flavors like Mexican cuisine, pizza, and lamb.

Abita Strawberry Harvest
This crisp lager gets surprising flavors from real Louisiana strawberry juice. Delicious with desserts, fresh cheeses and lighter fare such as salads and pastas.

Brooklyn Summer Ale
This ale is an update of the “light dinner ales” brewed in England through the 1940s, so named because they were refreshing and flavorful without being too heavy. This light-bodied golden beer has a fresh bready flavor with light crisp bitterness and a citrusy, floral aroma perfect for summer sipping.

Real Ale Four Squared
A powerful twist on Real Ale’s top-selling Fireman’s #4 blonde ale, which adds additional barley and tons of hops to the basic Fireman’s recipe. A clean, dry finish with notes of citrus and substantial hop flavors.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest
This pilsner-style beer is crisp, golden, dry and incredibly drinkable, with a delicate, complex malt flavor and spicy, floral hop character—the perfect warm weather beer.

Karbach Saison (Houston only):
A twist on the saison style with flavors of grapefruit, orange, and lemon peels with coriander. Seasonal offering in the Houston-area Spec’s only  – call your local store to check availability.

Deep Ellum Farmhouse Wit (DFW only):
Traditionally, Belgian saisons are liberally hopped, while witbiers are slightly sweeter, usually spiced and always light in color. Deep Ellum combined the two for what can be called a hoppy witbier or an offbeat saison! Seasonal offering in the DFW-area Spec’s only  – call your local store to check availability.


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