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Sunday Is National Drink Beer Day!

Sunday is National Drink Beer Day!

Looking for an excuse to enjoy a cold one? Look no further, because Sunday is National Drink Beer Day! Soak up the suds and celebrate in style with our list of beer drinking do’s and don’ts.

DO use the right glassware.

Choosing the appropriate glassware for your beer enhances its flavor. Some glasses keep the beer cooler longer while others provide more surface area to allow the beer to breathe.

DO take more than one sip when trying a new beer.

Take your time. Many craft beers are incredibly complex. Between the aromas, the flavors and the aftertaste you’ll want to give yourself a fair chance to decide whether or not the beer is for you.

DO enjoy your beer at the right temperature.

Not all beers are best enjoyed at the coldest temperature possible. Ask about the recommended temperature and try to cool your beer to that point and not any further.

DON’T store your beer in the light.

Light can ruin the taste of your beer as it becomes more sulfurous, which is why most companies choose to package their beer in dark brown bottles.

DON’T wear a strong perfume or cologne while trying new beers.

Strong scents can interfere with the aromas of your beer and change your tasting experience.

DON’T store your beer in a warm room.

Try storing your beers below room temperature. Heat can speed up how fast a beer loses its freshness.

What are your biggest do’s and don’ts of beer drinking? Share them with us in the comments. Happy beer drinking!


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