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Caviar Buying Guide And Drink Pairings

Caviar Buying Guide and Drink Pairings

When it comes to entertaining with elegance, it doesn’t get much classier than the rich hors d’oeuvre that is caviar. Serving it the right way can be a daunting task. Today we’re going to discuss what to pair with caviar.

But first, what is caviar?
Let’s start with understanding the blanket term, “roe”. Roe are essentially fish eggs. That includes eggs from salmon, trout, hackleback, bowfin, chad…etc. Caviar, however, is roe that came from a sturgeon. Regardless of where it’s harvested in the world, to be considered caviar it’s got to be from a sturgeon. Some examples are; Mississippi River sturgeon, Idaho white sturgeon and imperial Russian sturgeon. Caviar is lightly cured, the finest of which use simply salt.

Caviar buying tips:

1: Caviar is served in both opaque containers, or clear glass jars. If you find one served in a jar, then take a peek at the eggs. What you are looking for is a clearly defined egg separation. You don’t want the caviar to look muddy.

2: For the finest caviar, look for the word “malossol” on the label. This indicates that you’re dealing with a low-salt caviar. Rather than mixing the caviar with salt then putting it in the container, they soak it quickly in a brine, and then strain it. The eggs should be crystal clear, firm, and with little to no mush.

How to Eat Caviar

You’ll need a base. Blinis, rye breads, grilled sourdough, crackers, or even a good quality kettle chip can be a fun way to eat caviar. You can get creative with other toppings, such crème fraiche, hard-boiled eggs, red onions, chives, or capers.

Caviar and Drink Pairings

So you’re all set with your delectable snacks; What should you drink with it? Champagne, rosés (like Malene Rosé), or sparkling wines are all great choices. If you want to go Russian style, choose a chilled, high quality vodka. Flavored vodka, like Ketel One Botanical Cucumber Mint would pair well too.


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