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Here Comes The Sun(ny) Cocktail

Here Comes The Sun(ny) Cocktail

Maybe it all began back on a warm day when a few coins bought you a welcome glass of lemonade relief from a kid down the street. But even now, sometimes a cooling cocktail just doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that zing!

And nobody knows more about the refreshing art of tart beverages than Spec’s. Lemon-flavored vodka, lemon-flavored rum, lemon-flavored liqueurs—if it’s made with the mellow yellow citrus, we’ve got it in our expansive orchard of choices. All at freshly squeezed prices, too.

When life hands you high temperatures, make one of these lemon yummy cocktails!

Lemon Drop
1½ oz vodka
¾ oz lemon juice
1 tsp simple syrup
Lemon peel for garnish

Fill cocktail shaker with ice and pour in all ingredients. Shake well, strain into cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon peel.

Lemon Daiquiri
2 oz rum
1 oz triple sec
1½ oz lemon juice
½ oz simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in ice-filled shaker. Shake well and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy!


Owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962, Spec’s is a true destination shopping experience. We now operate over 150 stores all over the great state of Texas and offer a large selection of wines, spirits and finer foods.

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