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State Of Texas Spirits: Rebecca Creek Distillery

State of Texas Spirits: Rebecca Creek Distillery

Based in San Antonio, Rebecca Creek Distillery opened its doors in 2009. Since day one, Rebecca Creek has taken great pride in its single batch distillation system. From its copper pot stills to its unique chill-filtration process, this distillery creates premium, high-quality spirits every time.

While they are best known for their Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey, Rebecca Creek also puts a Texas spin on a different spirit – vodka. Enchanted Rock Peach Vodka is made using ripe, juicy peaches from Fredericksburg, handpicked by Gillespie County’s very own local farmers. Combined with limestone-filtered water from deep Hill Country aquifers, these true Texas ingredients produce a smooth and flavorful peach vodka.

Enjoy it over ice, with club soda or try it in a cocktail like the one below!

Positively Peachy

2 oz Enchanted Rock Vodka Peach
½ oz lime juice
½ oz orange juice
Peach slice for garnish

In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a peach slice.


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