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Super Scores: Wines for Football Season

Why not kick off football season with some MVP food and wine pairings? Spec’s carries a great selection of football foods and winning wines for a perfect pigskin party!

Sunday morning before the game and you’re firing up the grill? Those marinating ribeyes will pair beautifully with a Spanish Rioja or Argentinean Malbec. The smokiness of the meat compliments the lush, concentrated dark fruit notes of these medium to full-bodied wines.

Many of us also like to stuff things, then toss ‘em on the fire. Fill some yellow or red bell peppers with a spicy seafood stuffing, and pair them with a light crisp Argentinian Torrontes. With its notes of citrus and tropical fruit, the wine’s acidity will balance off the heat and leave a nice creamy finish on the palate.

A big tray of fine deli meats and artisanal cheese served with a wine flight makes halftime a little more interesting and keeps the cheering section going. Serve up a savory platter of thinly-sliced spicy Italian soppresata, Black Label Serrano ham and Marcona almonds from Spain, creamy Brie, fruit-infused Stilton, and an olive mix. These delectable treats pair perfectly with an Oregon Pinot Noir, a Sauvignon Blanc from the Graves Region of Bordeaux France, and a Chianti Riserva from Italy. Mix and match the foods with the wine and you’re sure to find a winning combination!

To finish, pick up a bottle of your favorite sparkling Moscato and cool it down in the fridge, while a few flutes chill in the freezer. Place two melon ball-sized scoops of your favorite fruit sorbet in the flute, then top with the sparkling Moscato and garnish with a mint leaf. A sorbet that has some acidic notes, like a lemon and black raspberry blend, works well. Try this last pairing and watch even the fiercest football fanatic go gaga.

Submitted by Leonel Hurtado, Store #198 in Brownsville, TX


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