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Time To Sway – It’s Hammock Day!

Time to Sway – It’s Hammock Day!

Ever the symbol of relaxation, summer and leisurely living, the hammock has a pretty easy life. All it needs to fulfill its destiny is a shady spot with a person lolling in it while sipping a cool cocktail. That’s why celebrating Hammock Day is a breeze!

After mixing up your concoction of choice (all the ingredients on hand after a quick zip through Spec’s), the only effort you need to expend is calculating how much refreshment you’ll need to keep within reach. After all, once you’re in the swing of things you won’t want to get up!

From there, it’s a little reading, a little napping, a little cloud contemplating and as much daydreaming as the day is long. Happy Hammock Day!

Sway Away
2½ oz sparkling wine
1½ oz peach rum
2½ oz soda water
1 strawberry, sliced
1 lime wedge

Squeeze lime wedge into a wine glass, add strawberry slices and pour in remaining ingredients. Stir well then add ice cubes. Enjoy!

Go With The Glow
1½ oz Basil bourbon
1 oz coconut water
1 oz pink lemonade
1 oz ginger ale
Lemon wedge for garnish

Pour bourbon into an ice-filled glass. Add remaining ingredients, stir and garnish with a lemon wedge.


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