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7 Affordable Spring Wines Under $20

7 Affordable Spring Wines Under $20

With spring in full swing, it’s time to freshen up your wine wardrobe with some light and refreshing options. Gone are the winter days where a warm fire and a heavy red are the perfect companions. With spring, you want lighter wines that evoke the warmth of the sun, not a fireplace.

From crisp, aromatic white wines to vibrant Rosés, spring is all about tasting fresh, drinking light, and saving money for summer vacation!

With that in mind, we’ve gathered up a few of our springtime favorites that pair perfectly with your patio and don’t strain your wallet.

1. Kono Sauvignon Blanc

Light and bright, this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with aromatic citrus and passionfruit notes while the palate projects pleasingly rich flavors of ripe tropical fruits and herbs countered by a zesty acidity and ethereal sweetness. Perfect with a fresh strawberry salad or chips and salsa.

2. Brutocao Sauvignon Blanc

This California Sauvignon Blanc is eager to greet you for a warm happy hour on your porch. Its bouquet of freshness opens with honeycrisp apples and tangerines with perfectly subtle hints of lemon and citrus. Your palate is greeted with a rush of fresh grapefruit and lemongrass that blends wonderfully into a lingering finish of tropical mango fruits.

3. Bliss Rosé

A California Rosé that can’t wait to get outside and help you kick your feet up. This showy Rosé showcases delicious strawberry and watermelon scents on the nose while the palate is full of bright, fresh fruit flavors with a touch of spice in the mid palate that blends into a long strawberry finish.

4. Ca’ Momi Heartcraft Sparkling Rosé

Brunch is calling and it’s asking for the Heartcraft Rosé. Appetizing aromatics of fresh sliced strawberries and sweet citrus zest float atop fresh baked shortbread for a sensory experience that pairs flawlessly with warm sunshine. Add a splash of Aperol and soda water for a delicious spring spritzer.

5. Liberation de Paris Rosé

A delicate everyday rosé that can handle a variety of spring food pairings with grace. A nose of subtle strawberry, red cherries, and wispy notes of rose petals. You’ll find flavors of honey and dried cherry with a creamy mid palate and a touch of sweetness.

6. Hi! Prosecco

This Italian Prosecco greets you with a sparkling personality that just wants to hangout and let you do you. A pleasant and fruity nose with a generous intensity of green apple, lemon, pineapple, acacia, and rose. The flavor is fresh with subtle light fruit and a clean harmonious finish. 

7. Mia White Sparkling Moscato

A sweet Spanish Moscato that just wants to have fun in the sun. Its aromas of white flowers, peach, and apricot offer an inviting sense of belonging and the fresh ad fruity palate is the perfect way to say hello to friends new and old.


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