What To Drink With Pie This Holiday Season

What to Drink with Pie this Holiday Season

Ready to learn an obscure fact that you can use to impress your friends during trivia night? Here it is: December 1st is National Pie Day. That’s right! Dessert lovers across the nation, (including us here at Spec’s) are celebrating this wonderful, circular dessert to mark the beginning of the holiday baking season.

This go-to guide will help you serve the perfect pairing to the most popular pies this time of year.

Some pies however, don’t need a pairing if they’ve already got it baked right in! Like Spec’s very own homemade Crown Royal Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie! With pecans straight from Durham Ellis Pecans in Comanche, Texas—a company with almost 90 years of experience in providing customers with the freshest and highest quality pecans! The maple bourbon highlights the seasonal flavors of this slice of sticky sweet perfection. But you’ve got to hurry in and get yours soon as they’re only available for a limited time!

Be sure to prepare for the holidays by stocking up at Spec’s. Then pour a drink, serve a slice and enjoy!

Apple Pie

Sweeter dunkelweizens, like Hofbrau Dunkel, are a wonderful match to a not-too-sweet apple pie. Brilliant ruby hues from large amounts of munich malts make this full bodied beer rich in flavor and low in bitterness.

Or if you prefer wine, try the Italian Moscato d’Asti: a low-alcohol, sweet, fizzy wine with cheery notes of fruit blossom. When paired with apple desserts and buttery pastries, it tastes like happiness.

Pecan Pie

Rich pecan pie calls for a beer that’s just as complex that finishes dry to temper its strong sweetness. Try the cocoa, hazelnut, and roasty flavors in Adelbert’s Black Rhino Dark Ale. Don’t be put off by the name, this dark ale is smooth and easy to drink.

Prefer wine? Try Ricossa Barbaresco, which pairs well with the taste of brown sugar and pecans.

Pumpkin Pie

Ah, pumpkin pie. A holiday staple! Dessert wines that have been exposed to oxygen have a more caramelized and savory flavor that pairs well with the taste of pumpkin. Go for wines labeled “Ambré”. Alternatives to dessert wines are: sweet Rieslings, barley wine, or an Aussie port.

Prefer something else? A good spiced rum pairs well with pumpkin pie. Try The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Or enjoy it with a seasonal beer like Saint Arnold Christmas Ale!


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