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National Prime Rib Day: Prime Rib And Drink Pairings

National Prime Rib Day: Prime Rib And Drink Pairings

As you walk into your kitchen, your nose is flooded with the savorous notes of roasted garlic, onions, herbs, and beef. Your stomach gives a yearning grumble. This is part of the glorious experience of cooking a prime rib—the king of meats!

Today is National Prime Rib day, and we’ve collected a handful of prime rib pairings we recommend for this American classic main course. Bon appétit!

Prime Rib and Wine Pairings

Prime rib is one of the most tender, flavorful, and choice cuts of meat. You really need a solid bodied wine that is going to hold up to its rich flavor. A good cabernet is our first choice. We recommend, Cabo De Hornos Cabernet Sauvignon.

Petite Sirah
Not to be confused with Syrah, this red is known as Durif in its native land of France, however the Petit Sirah thrives in California—where the grapes produce some very deep and inky wines. Petite Sirah really packs the flavor, with high tannins and great acidity. We recommend, Caymus Petite Sirah.

Prime Rib and Beer Pairings

Sours go great in contrast with the hearty flavors of a prime rib and its seasoned, peppery crusts. Our candidate for this would be Petrus Belgian Pale Ale. Many claim Petrus is a reference for sour beers in the U.S.

A dubbel has a solid malty, caramel body, that holds up excellently with a prime rib. Brown ales, in general, are great choices when pairing with choice cuts of steak or prime rib. Our pick would be Adelbert’s Dancin’ Monks.

Prime Rib and Cocktail Pairing

The Dark and Stormy
A Dark and Stormy’s crisp ginger beer base, along with complimenting dark rum flavor work wonders with a prime rib dish. Here’s how to make one:

2 oz dark rum
5 oz ginger beer
Lime wedge

Pour the rum over ice in a highball glass and fill with ginger beer. Squeeze in the lime wedge. Serve and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed today’s beefy blog post. If you’re ready to celebrate National Prime Rib day and want some more recommendations for what to drink with your meal, ask the friends staff at Spec’s near you.




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