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Unexpected Wine Pairings That Work Deliciously

Unexpected Wine Pairings that Work Deliciously

Don’t you just love surprises? Seeing all your friends and family gathered in your den to pop out and all yell ‘Happy Birthday’ is a great feeling. But what’s even greater is discovering that your favorite wine pairs exceptionally well with a food that you never would have expected. Don’t be a slave to the ordinary; expand your palate with these unusual and surprising wine pairings.

French Fries and Champagne
July 13th marks National French Fry Day, so naturally we had to find a pairing for the iconic, diner side dish. Turns out, the saltiness and crunchiness of French fries are the perfect complement to champagne’s fine bubbles and zesty acidity. We recommend you stick to simple fries, and not go overboard by adding too much complexity to the flavor profile. Try this one from Louis de Sacy.

Scrambled Eggs and Muscadet

A dry Muscadet with its classic apple, citrus and mineral flavors will make creamy, flavorful scrambled eggs into a tasty meal fit for any time of the day. This works best when you scramble the eggs in butter. Try Ragiotere Muscadet.

Fried Chicken and Rosé
Rosé is a very food-friendly wine. Its bright and invigorating acidity will pair amazingly with fried chicken. The crisp and spice of the chicken coating offers a great contrast to the fruit and acidity of the rosé.

Tacos and Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon blanc has a lot in common with margaritas. It brings fresh lime zestiness, minus the sweetness. Tacos are a great food to enjoy with a glass of sauvignon.

Buffalo Wings and Pinot Noir
The richness of the bone-in chicken and spicy sauce call for bright fruit, good acidity, and spice to match that you’d only find in a pinot noir.

Mac and Cheese and Chardonnay
The weight and creamy richness of the pasta works well with the acidity and lightly oaked character of chardonnay.

Burgers and Red Wine

We recommend you try a burger with Dijon mustard and a glass of Pinot Noir. Red wine and steak are a classic pairing, so go for something unexpected like a gourmet burger instead.

Campfire S’mores and Tawny Port

With nutty, caramel and dried fig flavors, tawny Ports are a great match for the smoky notes of a well-done s’more. This pairing will add some class to your next camping trip.


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