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Salami And Wine Pairing Guide

Salami and Wine Pairing Guide

September 7th marks National Salami Day—the perfect time for a cheese and charcuterie board. What better way to pair salami than with wine? The type of salami you decide to snack on can vary in taste, as should the varietal you pair it with. Follow these easy tips for the best cured meats to pair with your wine and you’ll be sippin’ like a sommelier in no time.

Genoa Salami
Genoa salami is often made with a combination of pork and beef. It also incorporates red wine and a healthy amount of garlic. Wines that pair well with genoa are Italian whites like Soave and pinot grigio. Another great choice is a Chenin Blanc like Storm Point from South Africa.

This Tuscan salami is called finocchiona in Italian. It is made with fennel seed, and/or fennel liqueur. If the fennel you’ve picked is spicy, then pair it with a nice acidic Riesling. This will be just the right balance of sweet, spicy and earthy herbs. We recommend Selbach Incline Riesling.

This spicy salami is made with paprika, which gives it a light and zesty burn. Chorizo is a classic Spanish sausage and easy to find. Hot chorizo pairs well with lighter and crisp wines that can temper out some of the chorizo’s spiciness factor. When pairing wine with hot chorizo go for a zinfandel or a prosecco like Fidora Prosecco.

With whole black peppercorn and garlic, this flavorful salami is a staple in many Italian appetizer boards. While it does offer a little spice and aroma—molsina is best when paired with wines that have a more delicate flavor. You don’t want to go with anything overpowering. When pairing with this Italian salami, go for a fruity, dry and crisp pinot grigio, a lighter zinfandel or a pinot noir.

We hope you enjoyed this post! And if it’s your first time here, then it’s nice to meat you. (We had to get the salami pun out of our system.) Celebrate National Salami Day the best way! If you need more wine pairing recommendations, then ask the masters at your local Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods.



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