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State Of Texas Spirits: Texas Tequila

State of Texas Spirits: Texas Tequila

Texas has more in common with our southern neighbor than just a border! The Lone Star State has been paving new roads into tequila production, with many brands being recognized nationwide. Sipping, shooting, or mixing, here are a few of the Texas tequilas that are making Texas proud!

Dulce Vida

In its short market tenure, Dulce Vida has earned accolades as the most decorated and recognized craft tequila–lending to its claim as The Most Awarded Tequila. In 2011, the añejo won top honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, New York International Spirits Competition, LA Spirits Competition and from

Flavors of intense agave and fruit notes with delicate flashes of vanilla and wood, gives way to a sweet, smooth finish. Excellent for sipping, it’s also delicious with a slice of orange sprinkled with cinnamon.


An award-winning brand of premium tequila, Izkali is known for its simple sophistication and consistent delivery of an outstanding sensory experience.

The añejo has a seductive fragrance, filled with baking spices like vanilla, almond and nutmeg, and a piquant, mildly oaky flavor. The reposado has a mellow, slightly cocoa-like nose with multilayered, peppery and luscious flavors.


The gold is made by cooking the 100% blue agave in a traditional brick oven, and distilled in a steel distillation column to produce a consistent flavor.

The only 110-proof tequila on the market, the blanco works great as a top-shelf mixer. Medium-bodied with a nose full of agave and floral notes, it has nice hints of spice and pepper to accompany the light sweetness of the cooked agave.


Owned and operated by the same Houston family since 1962, Spec’s is a true destination shopping experience. We now operate over 150 stores all over the great state of Texas and offer a large selection of wines, spirits and finer foods.

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  1. Genni and I have been exploring tequilas and mexcals for a few years now. She is from Mexico City and has helped steer me from the less desirable brands. Recently we tried Zignum mezcal reposado… It is surprisingly good, as well as Campo Azul extra anejo. We will look for these Texas brands. I am curious to know what they are like. Our favorites are Cazadores , Tres Generacions, Camarena, Campo Azul, and Corralejo

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