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Top Texas Pairings

Top Texas Pairings

With flavors as big as the state they call home, Texas is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures like no other. As such, we’ve decided to use our locally grown expertise to help guide you to the perfect pairings for a few of Texas’ most popular dishes!

Chicken Fried Steak

This is a difficult one to pair with as the combination of ingredients that make up a chicken fried steak would pair with very different wines if they were served on their own. The red meat generally calls for a full-bodied red, but the fried coating yearns for something crisp while the gravy stands almost impervious to anything you throw at it. That being said, a lighter red with high acidity does a great job of cutting through the fat and creaminess of the dish. We suggest the Mark West Pinot Noir; a medium bodied pinot with dark red fruit notes and soft round tannins that will cut through the richness and highlight the uniquely-Texas flavors of this statewide staple.

BBQ & Beer

Two Texas favorites that have been paired out of common sense and convenience for generations. If you’ve ever stood in front of a massive smoker belching out sun-like temperatures for more than a few minutes, you understand how an ice-cold beer is just a natural go-to. But we’re going to take it a little deeper than that. Depending on the type of BBQ you’re piling on your plate, there are several beer options for pairing.

Pilsner: Burgers, Chicken, Saucy ribs, Burnt ends, Brisket, Pork shoulder, Pulled pork
Blonde Ale: Sausages, Chicken, Spare ribs, Saucy ribs, Pulled pork
IPA: Burgers, Chicken, Saucy ribs, Pork shoulder
Brown Ale: Burgers, Spare ribs, Saucy ribs, Burnt ends, Brisket, Pulled pork
Porter: Burnt ends, Brisket
Sour: Sausages, Chicken, Spare ribs, Burnt ends, Pulled pork
Rauchbier (beer with a distinctive smoke flavor): Sausages, Spare ribs, Burnt ends, Chicken

Tex-Mex & Tequila

Contrary to many of our youthful experiences with cheap tequila, this liquor pairs incredibly well with flavors originating from Mexico and has an incredibly intricate palate.

Silver Tequila: Unaged and not too overwhelming, silver, or blanco, tequila pairs well with soups, salads, or citrusy dishes like ceviche, fresh salsa, and fish tacos.
Reposado Tequila: Aged from two months to a year in oak barrels and pairs well with fajitas, street corn, and pork enchiladas.
Añejo Tequila: Aged for up to three years, anjeo tequila has a rich smooth flavor that pairs well with mole sauces, dark chocolate desserts, and coffee flavors.

As a locally owned, Texas wine, beer, and spirits store you know that we definitely have you covered with some of the best this state has to offer. Eat local, drink local, and shop local with Spec’s!


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