Wine And Gumbo Pairings To Celebrate National Gumbo Day

Wine and Gumbo Pairings To Celebrate National Gumbo Day

The state of Louisiana has contributed so much culinary culture to the world. One of the most popular dishes to come out of the Cajun state is gumbo. In fact, National Gumbo Day is celebrated on October 12th. Its most common drink to pair gumbo with is beer, but there are many satisfying wine pairings that’ll add a touch of class to your Nawlins-style dinner. Explore our recommended wine pairings for gumbos made with seafood, chicken, or extra spice.

Seafood Gumbos

You would think that the typical rules of seafood and wine pairing apply when it comes to gumbo: pair it with lighter white wines. This isn’t the case, however! The base of gumbo is so rich that a wine with a substantial amount of body and texture is ideal. A Chenin Blanc is a great choice to pair with seafood gumbo on account of the stone fruit notes and slightly viscous texture. We recommend Foreau Domaine Du Clos. If your seafood gumbo is on the spicier side, pair it with a Chenin Blanc that has a little more sweetness to it.

Spicy Gumbos

Some like it hot! For the spicier gumbos, we advise to pair them with an off-dry white like a German Riesling or a Chenin Blanc. If the gumbo is packing a lot of Andouille sausage or chili heat, you might want to consider pairing it with a crisp, pale ale or a pilsner instead.

Chicken Gumbos

If you are pairing wine with a chicken gumbo that’s hearty, yet not too spicy, go with a low-tannin red wine. A lightly chilled cru Beaujolais is a great pick. If you prefer a wine that is a little spicier with herbal notes, then pair it with a Spanish Garnacha (Grenache) such as El Circo Acrobata Garnacha. You could pair chicken gumbo with a dry French Rosé as well.

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