Divine Wines Under $9

Divine Wines Under $9

Short of winning the lottery, few experiences rival the delight of discovering a delicious well-priced wine. What’s considered “well-priced” varies from wine drinker to wine drinker, but most enthusiasts agree that $10 or less for a bottle of wine that delights your taste buds is a terrific find.

And we’ve taken the “nice wine for a nice price” hunt a step further by creating a list of our $9 and under favorites. Another attractive aspect of affordable wines? You can stock up at Spec’s and have bottles on hand and ready to serve!

Or just stop by the store and ask one of the Spec’s wine experts for a tasty, inexpensive selection. We don’t press any grapes, but we’re famous for squeezing nice wine prices!

Bogle Pinot Noir
I Heart Sauvignon Blanc
Fall Creek Twin Springs Sweet Red
P.S. Match Sweet Red Rosso
Viñestral Tinto Joven 2013
Pulse Rosé
Levata Pinot Grigio

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