Say Ah! Ah-So Wine Openers

Spec’s wine accessory wall has something for every sort of opening occasion. While the classic corkscrew is a must-have, the twisting tool can cause complications. For those times when a corkscrew just won’t do, Spec’s suggests adding ah-so opener to your wine accessory drawer. This rabbit-eared wonder is a great tool to use on hard-to-open bottles – and good on the go.

This two-pronged wine opener is the best type of cork puller for old wines with corks that have dried out. (In wine-speak, these corks are referred to as “dessicated.”) Since traditional corkscrews have a tendency to shred the cork, the ah-so slides between the bottle and the cork to gently grip the cork and twist it out. The ah-so is also terrific for pulling too-tight corks, often found in young Italian whites and Bordeaux. The natural expansion of the cork, in addition to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, can sometimes makes the cork seal a little too well. Again, since the ah-so fits between the glass and the cork, it can more easily break this super-seal.

An ah-so can also be cheaper than a traditional corkscrew. At Spec’s, they range from $4-$8. When you are on the road and want to share a bottle of wine, these devices are great to have on hand. You can even get one on an airplane. Just stick one in your carry-on bag and you’re good to go!

Submitted by: Jim Cubberley, Store #61 in Austin, TX


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