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Hotcake Cocktails

Hotcake Cocktails For National Blueberry Pancake Day

Adding blueberries to pancakes? “These flapjacks will sell like hotcakes!” said the first person to add blueberries to pancake batter…one would assume anyway. Regardless of how you like your pancakes, with or without fruit, one can’t deny the pancake as the ultimate breakfast staple. If you’re looking for an excuse…

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Hot Toddy Variations

Variations on the Classic Hot Toddy

There’s no magical way to bring a quick and pleasant end to winter unless you’re able to migrate to the opposite hemisphere, but you can certainly make the time until spring more bearable with hot drinks! We’re referring to the classic hot toddy made with honey, lemon juice, hot water,…

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Christmas Cocktails

Top Ten Christmas Cocktails

Besides family and celebrations, there is another thing that can bring everyone together and put you all in a jolly and festive mood – cocktails! More specifically, Christmas cocktails. We’ve put together a list of our favorites and added some new ones for 2018. All you have to do is…

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9 Chanukkah Cocktails

8 Delicious Cocktails For 8 Nights of Celebrating

While lighting the menorah, dreidel games, and gifts are the most known Hanukkah traditions, you might be in the mood to start your own this year and spice up the festivities. Pairing your dinners with a specific cocktail each night may just add the perfect touch to your family gatherings.…

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Best Thanksgiving Cocktails

Top 6 Thanksgiving Cocktails

Thanksgiving cocktails are just as important as the food itself. Instead of showing off your wine-corking skills, shake up a batch of drinks that will surely impress your guests. Here are the top 6 cocktails (and a digestif!) to imbibe before, during, and after the family feast. 1. Bourbon Apple…

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