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Jazz Day Cocktails

Jazz it Up with International Jazz Day Cocktails

Shine the saxophone and get ready to scat because today is International Jazz Day! As the culmination of jazz month, International Jazz Day is recognized across the country (and even globally) as a day to celebrate its culture and role of uniting people from diverse backgrounds. To really party in…

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Earth Day Cocktails

Cocktails For Earth Day – April 22, 2018

April 22nd is Earth Day and on this spring holiday we laud and celebrate all things planet Earth. Some like to think of Earth Day as ‘Mother’s Day’ for nature, a time to give back and show appreciation for our planet. It was first celebrated in 1970 and has only…

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National Amaretto Day

National Amaretto Day – April 19, 2018

April 19th is a ‘nutty’ holiday for sure! It marks the celebration of National Amaretto Day, one of the world’s most popular liqueurs. The word Amaretto literally means “a little bitter” in Italian—and rightly so. This famous Italian concoction is made from bitter almonds, or apricot kernels. The nuts are…

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Friday The 13th Cocktails

Beat Bad Luck with These Friday the 13th Cocktails

What’s up with Friday the 13th? To many, it’s an unlucky day. The fear of Friday the 13th stems from a fear of the number 13 itself, also known as “triskaidekaphobia”. That’s one heckuva vocabulary word—try playing it in Scrabble, and everyone’s heads might implode. So let’s put fear of bad…

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Easter Cocktails

Brunch Cocktails For Easter

Easter—it’s the heart of the spring season! While the kids will be squealing with joy as they run about the backyard in a jelly-bean-fueled frenzy, questing for plastic eggs—the real fun will be had around the adult’s table, with these festive Easter brunch cocktails. The Green Garden Cocktail Ingredients: 1…

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St. Patrick's Day Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day Party Drinks

The pubs will be packed and the green beer will flow once again. It’s March 17, that one day of the year when ‘everyone’s Irish’—St. Patrick’s Day! But why contend with crowded elbow-to-elbow pubs when you can host a stellar St. Paddy’s Day party in the comfort of your own…

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