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Go for the Best at Spec’s Fest!

You’re invited to Austin’s most flavorful experience this month! Spec’s Fest is a come one, come all, all day festival of fun and yum. From select wines and gourmet food samplings, to expert advice on pairings, you’ll experience our hospitality at its very best. Bring your spouse, meet your friends…

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Twist & Shout for Pretzel Day

Snappy crisp or chewy soft, the pretzel holds a special place in our stack of snacks. Maybe it’s the irresistible aroma wafting from a ballpark concession stand. The fun, playful shape. The salty, savory bounce on our tastebuds. Or all of the above! While beer is always a good pour…

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Super Sippin’ Sunday

More beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year besides July 4th. Approximately 325 million gallons. Check out the stats for snacks devoured that day and you’ll understand why! 11 million pounds of potato chips 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips 4 million pounds…

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Super Snackin’ Sunday

Here’s one football statistic you won’t see on a scoreboard. Super Bowl Sunday is the second-biggest day for food eaten in America—only Thanksgiving beats it for non-stop noshing! Want an unbeatable strategy for keeping ravenous fans happy? Feed them early, feed them often and feed them well! Since Spec’s is…

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Kick Off Your Playoff Party Plan

When you’re hosting ravenous football fans, there are only two ways to play it: either spend hours shopping, chopping and cooking, or let Spec’s hearty party trays take it from kick off to post-game wrap up. Delicious artisanal cheese platters, gourmet salads, sandwich and specialty platters and savory desserts—we’re champions…

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Holiday Winning Baskets!

This is no time to settle for ho-hum gift baskets. Not when glorious gift baskets await your quick pick up right this minute. Festive? Of course. Creative? Absolutely! Our team of talented gift specialists has carefully gathered a splendid assortment of wines and gourmet tidbits, carefully nestled them in brilliant,…

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Gift Baskets They’ll Go For!

A gift basket is only as good as the gifts it holds! And nobody has the huge selection of hard-to-find spirits, world-class wines, craft beers and gourmet goodies like Spec’s. Create your own unique basket or load your sleigh with ready-made baskets like the ones below! Just hop into your…

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Feast of Ideas – Part 1

If family and friends are flocking to your place for Turkey Day next week, may we suggest dividing and conquering the celebration preparation? Carve out some time this week – during lunch or after work—to swing through Spec’s. Stocking up on necessities now means less time gobbled up by shopping next…

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Go Crazy—It’s National Nut Day!

Sometimes you feel like a nut. And today should definitely be one of those occasions! Why settle for run-of-the-mill nuts when Spec’s has cracked the code of out-of-this-world flavors? Almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, roasted, smoked, salted, unseasoned, chocolate, chipotle, jalapeno, honey, wasabi—we’re the ultimate mixed bag of nuttiness!…

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Chill Thrills For Memorial Day!

Fire up the grill. Ice up the cooler. And stop by Spec’s to get a jump on this weekend’s necessities; frosty beer, refreshing wines and marvelous margarita makings! Whether your grill is sizzling with fajitas, steaks or burgers, this classic potato salad recipe will make the perfect sidekick. But first,…

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Mum’s the Word on Sunday!

It’s no secret. Every gift you can imagine to surprise Mom—and thousands more—can be found in a quick stroll down Specs’ inspiring aisles. Refreshing sparkling wines, her favorite specialty liqueurs and irresistible gourmet treats… she’ll love everything she opens from Spec’s almost as much as she loves you! Veuve Clicquot…

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Deduct Stress. Calculate Savings!

Scrambling to get your tax return done by tomorrow? You’re not alone! According to the IRS, between 20-25% of Americans wait until the last two weeks to start this project. Remember, you can file down our aisles for gourmet coffees, snacks and more to keep you energized. If your IOU…

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