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Tempting Tastes for Valentine’s Day Toasts!

Love is in the air, and Spec’s has everything you need to make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter! Here are Spec’s suggestions for champagnes, sparkling wines, and chocolates to show your special someone how spectacular they are!   Bonnaire Brut NV $36.83  This champagne shows lovely depth in its minty,…

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Pull Into Port! Fortified Wine Facts

In wintertime, it’s always good to stay fortified, and Spec’s suggests that fortified wine in port form is a delicious way to meet that requirement! We stock plenty of ports in all styles, but the two most popular ports are ruby and tawny ports. These ports range in flavor and…

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The Stealthy Strength of Specialty Sodas

Spec’s stocks everything delicious, including a dizzying array of specialty sodas for mixing and merriment! We carry everything fine and fizzy – from regional cult products to award-winning international sodas designed for mixologists. For the regional soda aficionado, Cheerwine, an extra-bubbly cherry-based cola sweetened with cane sugar, has been produced…

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The British are Coming! Awesome English Fare

Between the Olympics, the Royal Diamond Jubilee, the popularity of BBC programming like Dr. Who and Sherlock, and the good-looking, high-flying Prince Harry flashing the crown jewels, Spec’s is in the midst of another British Invasion. With our wide selection of English beers and gins, it's easy to pair up…

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Beer…It’s What’s in Dinner!

A perfect food pairing is an eye-opening experience, and Spec’s selection provides optimal opportunities for awesome food pairings. Like wine and food pairings, serving food with just the right beer can also provide complementary flavors. Additionally, including beer in your recipes can add fresh flavors to take a dish from…

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Super Scores: Wines for Football Season

Why not kick off football season with some MVP food and wine pairings? Spec’s carries a great selection of football foods and winning wines for a perfect pigskin party! Sunday morning before the game and you’re firing up the grill? Those marinating ribeyes will pair beautifully with a Spanish Rioja…

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This Week’s Must-Have Wines Under $15!

Here are four wines that are must-haves for this week; all are perfect for a range of different types of foods.  From aperitifs to dessert, slightly-spicy Asian food to a slice of that perfect pepperoni pizza, any of these wines will do the trick!  And, at all under-$15, you won’t…

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Sweet Talk: Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are just what they sound like – wines with a sweet edge for after your meal. Dessert wines vary in style, and are available from all different parts of the globe.  Whether your post-dinner preference is sweet and light or heavy and honeyed, Spec’s divine dessert wines will…

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Super Selections for Holiday Happenings

Holiday party season is coming to Spec’s! October’s festive costume parties lead into to the food-coma-inducing Thanksgiving dinner marathon, finally finishing with the season’s-end Christmas and New Year's free-for-alls. You’ve been invited to all the best parties, so stay on the “nice” list with a plan of action for these…

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Hasty Bake: Charcoal Rocks

Forget heating or modern convenience. As far as Texans are concerned, man discovered fire for one important reason: to grill. And when it comes to catering to our most primitive needs, there’s nothing like cooking over a flame. For grilling purists, there’s nothing more natural than cooking over 100% pure…

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