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Local Beer, Global Impact!

Spec’s is proud to stock a huge selection of beers from from local breweries such as Live Oak, Austin Beer Works, and Real Ale! Whether you’re building your beer collection or picking up a keg for your football bash, locally brewed beers can bring new flavors to your table and…

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The Stealthy Strength of Specialty Sodas

Spec’s stocks everything delicious, including a dizzying array of specialty sodas for mixing and merriment! We carry everything fine and fizzy – from regional cult products to award-winning international sodas designed for mixologists. For the regional soda aficionado, Cheerwine, an extra-bubbly cherry-based cola sweetened with cane sugar, has been produced…

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Regal Rice: Special-Designation Sake

Spec’s stocks some spectacular sake – and shows that there’s much more to this Japan-based beverage than an unusual bottle. We previously provided an intro to sake, but for further facts, here’s more on this delicious rice-based beverage. The process of sake production is simple. The rice is washed and…

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For Peat’s Sake! Smoky Flavors in Scotch Whisky

Scotch, scotch, scotch. From discerning drinkers of diverse drinks, to those who’d never stray from the single malt glass, people love scotch – and so does Spec’s. One of the most desirable aspects of scotch is its distinctive smoky flavor. This flavor may range from barely-there to where’s-the-fire? But like…

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Champagne Cheers From Now to New Year’s!

The holiday season is in full swing, so it’s time to break out the bubbly! From holiday gatherings to New Year’s cheers, sparkling wine is a festive choice for every occasion, and there’s a bubbly for all price points and palates. Here are Spec’s picks for tantalizing toasts to last…

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