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For Peat’s Sake! Smoky Flavors in Scotch Whisky

Scotch, scotch, scotch. From discerning drinkers of diverse drinks, to those who’d never stray from the single malt glass, people love scotch – and so does Spec’s. One of the most desirable aspects of scotch is its distinctive smoky flavor. This flavor may range from barely-there to where’s-the-fire? But like…

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Champagne Cheers From Now to New Year’s!

The holiday season is in full swing, so it’s time to break out the bubbly! From holiday gatherings to New Year’s cheers, sparkling wine is a festive choice for every occasion, and there’s a bubbly for all price points and palates. Here are Spec’s picks for tantalizing toasts to last…

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Terrific Last-Minute Gifts

It’s the final week of before the festive seasonal frenzy, and Spec’s knows that sometimes picking presents gets down to the wire. Here’s Spec’s links to our gift guides for great last-minute picks all at lower prices – and our expert elves are ready in-store with super suggestions for any…

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Beyond the Bottle: Innovative Wine Containers

When it comes to entertaining with wine, Spec’s serves all sizes, and there are some interesting recent packaging pieces for your sipping selection. If you’re trying to test out some super sizing or unusual packaging for your wine, here’s a look at some outstanding options. Of course you’re familiar with…

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Oh, Honey! Mulling Over Mead

Spec’s has some great finds in their world-class wines. While the vast majority of wine is made with grapes, there are some outstanding outliers in the wine world. One of these unique beverages is an old-school brew known as mead, or “honey wine.” The world of wine, spirits, and beer…

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Beer…It’s What’s in Dinner!

A perfect food pairing is an eye-opening experience, and Spec’s selection provides optimal opportunities for awesome food pairings. Like wine and food pairings, serving food with just the right beer can also provide complementary flavors. Additionally, including beer in your recipes can add fresh flavors to take a dish from…

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