Easter Fun For Adults - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Easter Fun For Adults

Coming up with things to keep the kids entertained during Easter has never been a problem, but what about activities for adults? Many of the things that work for kids can be easily adapted for adults. And, let’s be honest, after all the food prep and decorating, you deserve to…

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Spanish Wines - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Spanish Wines

When most people think of Spanish wine they inevitably think of sangria, but Spain has a lot more to offer when it comes to wine! The origin of wine in Spain is old enough to have been lost to time as no one really knows who first brought vines to…

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Whiskies Of The World - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Whiskies of The World

When you think whiskey, you typically think of countries like Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the U.S., but there are actually over 25 whiskey-producing nations around the world. These different regions of the world have different spellings - whiskey or whisky, and neither is technically wrong. Whiskey is generally used in…

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Floral Cocktails - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Floral Cocktails

After a chilly winter nothing warms the heart quite like Spring’s vivid flowers and fresh blooms! And we can’t think of a prettier way to praise the petals than by adding them to a cocktail. Floral cocktails are as delicious as they are beautiful, and we think they’re the perfect…

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March Tournament Cocktails - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

March Tournament Cocktails

The largest non-official work holiday is almost here! Non-official work holiday? By this we’re referring to the last few weeks of March where you keep one eye on keeping up appearances and the other firmly planted on some sort of visual display showing college basketball. It’s March Madness! And while…

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St. Patrick's Day Cocktails - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

St. Patrick’s Day typically conjures images of green beer, tacky t-shirts, and terrible Irish accents. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you give us a minute, you’ll be the historically savvy fella spreading a smidge of knowledge about the man behind this gloriously green holiday! Patrick, “the…

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Chilean Wine Month - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Chilean Wines

The rise in Chilean wines may seem new to the wine world, but Chile has been planting grapevines since the 1500’s. The recent surge in Chilean wine exports has finally brought the recognition these vintners deserve; prior to the 1990’s almost all of Chilean wines were consumed by its residents.…

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Best Tequilas For Margaritas - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Best Tequila for Your ‘Rita

The most important part of any margarita is the tequila. Without it, all you have is some kind of lime Slurpee that no one wants to drink. So if you crave a great tasting margarita, the question is: Which type of tequila should you use?   Silver Tequila (Blanco, Plata,…

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