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Austin Tastings November 4

BRODIE LANE - 4970 W Hwy 29012/24 11/6 Tastes Like Chicken Vodka Seersucker Gin 11/7 Desert Door Texas Soto Baileys Glenmorangie 11/8 Moravia Jameson Maker's Mark Bourbon HEINEKEN J. Lohr Pure Valdo Protos Tinto Brown Sugar Bourbon Susto Mezcal 1010 Premium New Holland Dragons Russian Standard Vodk Crown Royal Woodinville…

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Dallas/Fort Worth Tastings November 4

Taste some good stuff this week and HOP by these DFW area locations for our in-store samplings. WALNUT HILL @ 75 – 9500 N Central Expy 11/8 Jameson Whiskey Makers Mark Bourbon Geyser Peak Vineyard Voga Vineyard Woodinville Bourbon Hiro Sake Bulleit Bourbon Brown Sugar Bourbon Stolichnaya Vodka Russian Vodka…

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EL PASO SUPERSTORE -655 Sunland Park 11/8Devils River BourbonHEINEKEN 11/9Pura Vida Tequila EL PASO EAST - 2036 N Zaragoza Road 11/8Devils River BourbonWestern Son VodkaHEINEKEN NORTH MESA - 7933 N Mesa 11/8Captain Morgan Rum

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Halloween Cocktails

Diabolical Drinks: Halloween Cocktail Recipes

If you’ve been planning your Halloween party since November, the last thing you want to do is serve your ghoulish guests common cocktails. The Halloween theme doesn’t stop at the bar; if anything, it gets amped up a notch or two. Spec’s has you covered with delicious recipes for everything…

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Chocolate Cocktails

Choco Lots of Cocktails

There are times when a glass of liquor is just what you need to take the edge off, but sometimes what you really need is some rich, velvety chocolate to make everything right in the world. Thankfully, combining these two is easier than you think! Join us as we celebrate…

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Junk Food Pairings

Junk Food Wine Pairings

If you think of wine as exclusive to fine dining, you aren’t alone. And while it’s an excellent addition to a special meal, if it’s the only time you break out a bottle, you’re missing out. Wine is a surprisingly delightful companion to a variety of “lower brow” foods. (That’s…

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