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Oh, Honey! Mulling Over Mead

Spec’s has some great finds in their world-class wines. While the vast majority of wine is made with grapes, there are some outstanding outliers in the wine world. One of these unique beverages is an old-school brew known as mead, or “honey wine.” The world of wine, spirits, and beer…

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Sake to Me! The Scoop on Sake

Spec’s carries brewed beverages from around the world, and our selection of Japanese sake is a great example. Many countries create traditional alcoholic beverages with regional resources, and Japan’s entry in this category is this much-loved (and much-misunderstood) rice-based beverage. Let’s serve up some facts about sake. Sake is not…

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Flavor You Can Savor: Cask Strength Whiskey

When Spec’s talks about whiskey, we’re not only talking about a rich tradition of distillation, we’re talking about a true cross-cultural romance -  as if whiskey were as vital to survival as water. While whiskey distillation often includes post-barrel dilution, Spec’s carries a subset of brands that can expand your…

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The Wide World of Whisky: Independent Scotch Bottling

Scotch whisky evolved from a drink whose name translates to “water of life.” If Scotch whisky is the water of life, Spec’s suggests that independent Scotch bottlings may add the spice. Independent bottlings are low-yield, rare creations that produce one-of-a-kind tasting experiences. Since Spec’s strives to include independent bottlings in…

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