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Aftershock Hot & Cool Cinnamon Liqueur

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After shock is a spicy cinnamon liqueur which is popular for drinking in shots at the bar or in the club whenever the party is getting started. It’s known as “hot and cool” because of the experience of drinking it – when it first hits your mouth it is hot and spicy with the taste of cinnamon but the aftertaste is cool like menthol. The brightly coloured square bottles of aftershock stand out at the bar and beckon patrons to try them out. 30% abv always popular with students and club goers after shock is a liqueur which is fun to drink and sure to get everyone in the mood. You can see bottles of after shock at britain’s biggest bars and clubs and once one person orders a shot everyone else will want one too. This is really a drink to be enjoyed with friends – or even with strangers as long as you’re in company! After shock is owned by the jim beam company jim beam are the well-known manufacturer of whiskies from kentucky. They have been manufacturing spirits since 1795 and several years ago they bought up the after shock brand to be their party spirit product. Since then jim beam was bought by the japanese brand suntory who are one of the largest makers of distilled beverages in the world. This happened in 2014 and since this time after shock has been owned by the suntory brand. After shock comes in a range of wild flavours – there’s an after shock for every taste! After shock can be spotted from a mile off with its distinctive square bottles and brightly coloured contents. It comes in a range of six wild and punchy flavours. Firstly the classic red after shock is hot and cool cinnamon for a flavour which will spice up your night! Then there is blue deep cool citrus after shock where lemon meets menthol for a breath of deep refreshment. Black after shock is cranberry flavoured for a tart and sour fruity taste. Silver after shock is flavoured with apple and red bull and is sure to keep you up and dancing all night long! The green after shock is thermal bite aniseed flavour and has an epic kick to it. Finally the limited edition orange after shock made to celebrate 10 years of after shock is spicy apple flavour. You can spot after shock in all its bright colours from across a crowded club – just look for the groups of friends downing shots in unison! There are popular drinking games played with after shock too like the after shock challenge – where you take a shot and hold the after shock in your mouth for as long as you can. Whoever can take it for the longest is the winner! Pick up a bottle of after shock from our online shop and you can play at your next big party with friends.

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