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Belle Meade Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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We at nelson’s green brier distillery are proud to reintroduce the world to belle meade bourbon a brand our triple great grandfather brought to market more than 100 years ago. 45. 2% abv 90. 4 proof in keeping with the history of the brand and to assure only the finest quality bourbon is labeled belle meade bourbon we painstakingly selected barrels sourced from one of the nation’s most notable distilleries. To ensure that no other bourbon in the world tastes quite like belle meade bourbon we created a proprietary blend of four barrels per batch using two different mash bills and yeast strains. Each barrel is aged between 6-8 years and is hand-selected to complement the other barrels in the batch to create the signature flavor profile that makes belle meade bourbon the award-winning bourbon of choice for the discerning whiskey drinker. Known for its spicy high rye content belle meade bourbon’s signature recipe was designed to be a versatile bourbon to be enjoyed whether served neat with a splash on the rocks or in a well-made cocktail. The high rye content is accentuated by our 90. 4 bottling proof and helps belle meade bourbon stand up to mixers that often mask other bourbons thus making it the base of choice for your favorite classic or craft cocktail creation. Whoever said everything old is new again was dead on. So don’t drink like your dad. Drink like your great great great granddad. Drink belle meade bourbon. Did you know? The horses on the front label have a history that goes back to the days of the famous belle meade plantation in nashville tenn. The horse on the right-hand side of the label is bonnie scotland one of belle meade’s leading sires. Some ofbonnie scotland’s descendants include war admiral man o’ war seabiscuit and secretariat along with most of the horses that run in the kentucky derby today. Appropriately enough one of bonnie scotland’s fillies was namedbourbon belle. The horse on the left-hand side of the label is brown dick whose great-great grand sire was simply named whiskey. Points of difference tasting notes: nose: maple syrup and caramel with floral fragrances and a citrus zest. Palate: caramel and vanilla with bold rye spice and hints of apricot. Finish: long smooth finish with mellow cherry and plum notes accented by cinnamon all without the burn found in other 90 proof bourbons.

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