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Villa Massa De Limon 6 / Case

$147.73 / case(6)



A symbol of sorrentine gastronomy a campanian product par excellence and a mediterranean masterpiece that is known and loved all around the world. 30% abv this is limoncello also known as limoncino the sweet liqueur that was created at the end of the nineteenth century as an alcoholic drink made by skilfully blending lemons sugar water and alcohol. Villa massa has been producing limoncello since 1890 following a family tradition that has been passed down for generations. Today this family tradition has become a thriving company that delivers the distinctively authentic flavour of limoncello from sorrento to the world. Learn more about the tradition of limoncello exquisitely italian limoncello is a natural artisanal product: this liqueur is made by infusing the peels of sorrento oval pgi lemons before adding water and sugar. This powerful and unique raw ingredient whose luscious fragrance is infused into the alcohol and a natural traditional and simple production process make sorrento’s traditional limoncello a symbol of neapolitan food and drink. Today villa mass limoncello presented in an elegant packaging that evokes the values of craftsmanship and tradition) is seen all around the world as a product that epitomises italian style. Learn more about the family recipe elegance in a drink limoncello can be enjoyed on many family occasions and with friends usually enjoyed as a refreshing digestif served in a chilled shot glass after: meals – a stylish source of inspiration for everyone who loves good food. But that authentic mediterranean flavour the quality of the basic ingredients and its refined style mean that villa massa offers new ways of appreciating limoncello for the preparation of elegant cocktails that can include creatively rearranged mediterranean flavours. Discover all the ways of drinking villa massa .

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