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Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Reserve

$293.31 / case(12)



Tasting notes complexity and a very present local character. The mountains the altitude and the limestone soils grant this malbec diverse layers. It is worth giving the wine some time so they slowly unveil. The presence of limestone soils in the uco valley is profoundly noticeable in this wine. The combination of mineral character freshness and very fine grain tannins present and structured with a nice length and a chalky sensation on the palate take this malbec to the next level the mineral dimension. Vintage 2014 the season began with severe frosts that lowered yields by 30%. November brought a few dry zonda winds that challenged the flowering stage and lowered yields even more. December and january brought heatwaves and late summer rains and lowered temperatures moved into the region just before harvest. In three weeks the region received levels equivalent to two years worth of rain; therefore grapes harvested prior to mildew or rot setting in were showing admirable level of,,wine~argentina wines~argentina~~mendoza~,vt,y,red,n 290,080660010885,1*99* raspberry vodka * 50ml (each) ,50ml,42,1. 04,97. 26,120,,y,,,liquors~miniatures 50ml~~~~,,n,,n 220,080666077605,1caravella limoncello originale d’italia lemon liqueur [italy],750ml,3,17. 88,96. 57,6,,n,with lemons from the abundant groves of southern italy’s amalfi coast and a centuries-old family recipe the sperone brothers make caravella limoncello. Long a heralded tradition throughout italy this bright italian spirit is now the #1 limoncello in the united states. 28% abv,,liquors~liqueur~italy~~~,,n,,n 420,080831900897,1specs koozie * local hopster ,1 ct,133,3. 16,3. 16,1,,n,take this imprinted can koozie wherever you go!,,gifts~bar supply~~~~family:specsgear,,n,,n 421,080831900911,1specs shirt * some bunny (medium) ,,4,12. 63,12. 63,1,,n,,,foods~household goods~~~~family:specsgear,,n,,n 318,081002820006,-karbach southern wheat * 6pk can [texas],12oz,19,,33. 01,4,,y,,,beer~texas craft package bottles~texas~~houston~,,6,,n,,n 318,081002820025,-karbach sangria radler * 6pk can [texas],12oz,0,,33. 01,4,,n,,,beer~texas craft package bottles~texas~~houston~,,6,,n,,n 465,081004801053,1vosges chocolate bar * mo’s bacon dark [usa],3 oz,10,7. 15,75. 54,12,,y,it was surely only a matter of time! Following the huge popularity of mo’s bacon bar in deep milk chocolate we can present the newest member of the exotic candy bar family . With the same apple wood smoked bacon and alder wood smoked salt as its famous relative the beautifully rich 62% dark chocolate encases these tantalizing flavors.,,foods~candy not by weight~usa~~~,,n,,n 465,081004801097,1vosges chocolate bar * black salt caramel [usa],3 oz,5,7. 15,75. 54,12,,y,our new generation of caramel filled bars will have you swooning at first bite. 70% cacao dark chocolate surrounds the molten salt-spiked soft caramel center. If you are a newcomer to the addictive combination of salt + chocolate this bar is a must-try.,,foods~candy not by weight~usa~~~,,n,,n 465,081004801159,1vosges chocolate bar * caramel pink salt [usa],3 oz,2,7. 67,81. 09,12,,y,rich burnt delicately salted caramel trickles out of earthy cacao. This dark chocolate bar like the lava of the volcanoes energy nutritive qualities and a delicate flavor in the himalayas where the sparkling pink salt all of which perfectly compliment sweet caramel and crystals are mined. Pink himalayan salt has an ancient,,foods~candy not by weight~usa~~~,,n,,n 465,081004801349,1vosges superdark bar * coconut banana [usa],3 oz,6,7. 67,81. 09,12,,y,deep dark chocolate envelops fellow super foods creating many health benefits. Coconuts are rich the decadent combination of coconut and banana offers our innovatice all natural super dark collection. Itself a super food dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants vitamins and minerals boasting benefits that include in fiber vitamins minerals amino acids and healthy fats while banana offers many health benefits. Stress reduction health and improved brain function.,,foods~candy not by weight~usa~~~,,n,,n 140,081010801003,1gran duque d’alba solera gran reserva brandy [spain],750ml,5,48. 99,264. 57,6,,y,gran duque d’alba was first launched in 1945 and named for the great duke of alba fernando alvarez de toledo y pimentel an important historic history responsible for ennobling the house of alba. Today gran duque d’alba is known for exceptional brandies made in the traditional solera method. 40% abv tasting notes: the gold-highlighted mahogany colour and the complexity of the aromas – wine esters with distinctive balsamic notes – remind us of the brandy’s lengthy presence in wood. The palate is medium-dry smooth and full with burnt undertones and hints of vanilla followed by a long pleasing finish. Rating: wine enthusiast 96 points (aug 2008). The sumptuous bouquet smells of old leather old books toasted marshmallow pipe tobacco prune danish dried fruit salted butter and caramel cream. Entry is hugely luscious succulent ripe and sweet; the midpalate is concentrated ripe fruity sherry-like and caramelized. Concludes balanced yet sweetly honeyed. A fat glossy m,,liquors~brandy~spain~~~,,n,,y 892,081016703011,1terracotta montepulciano d’abruzzo [italy],750ml,178,13. 67,144. 38,12,,n,terracotta pitchers were used to age wines in ancient italy. They were the main factor in achieving the rich one of a kind flavors that the citizens came to expect. We at terracotta have recreated that unique taste in our wines. The varied terrain and temperature climate of the abruzzo region creates the perfect environment for cultivating our montepulciano grapes. The result is a well bodied wine with red fruit and spicy notes of chocolate and vanilla.,,wine~montepulciano central italy~italy~~abruzzo~,2017,y,,y 905,081016703023,2beppe gold moscato d’asti (mags) [italy],1. 5l,-2,31. 57,170. 46,6,,n,,,wine~italian dessert wine~italy~~piedmont~,nv,y,white,y 220,081025502001,1bitter truth orange bitters ,200ml,4,20. 99,226. 74,12,,y,the bitter truth orange bitter are a combination of bittr orange peel and several herbs and spices that are macerated in alcohol. The first orange bitters were released in the 1880s a time when many classic cocktails such as the martinez and manhattan were created.,,liquors~liqueur~~~~,,n,,n 220,081025502008,1bitter truth violette liqueur [germany],750ml,7,33. 25,179. 56,6,,n,with violet color reminiscent of a full moon reflected on a river in the twilight the bitter truth violet liqueur humbly honors its name. It’s deep purple romantic haze pre-empts the unique flavor of this fragile flower. Like poetry aromas whisper sexy sweet nothings of light subtle perfume onto your breath and finish with a dusting of icing sugar. A natural seducer whose intense southern french flavor is both sensitive and balanced enough to elevate your aviation to the heavens. 22% abv the bitter truth violet liqueur is made from wild violet blossoms that grow in the alps which are then added to the finest neutral spirit. It captures the delicate and elegant flavors of this fragile flower in a very impressive way. This authentic violet liqueur makes it possible to mix classic cocktails like the aviation and the blue moon true to the original recipe as well as modern cocktails such as the violette fizz. Tasting notes: slightly sweet and very flowery. The violet aroma is,,liquors~liqueur~germany~~~,,n,,n 427,081029100814,#cookies * tates toasted almond cookie [usa],7 oz,7,5. 25,55. 45,12,,n,,,foods~holiday food items~usa~~~,,n,,n 324,081062602008,-rekorderlig strawberry lime cider * 4pk can [sweden],11. 2oz,4,9. 46,50. 53,6,,n,made from the purest swedish spring water rekorderlig strawberry-lime cider was the first to explore this unique flavour combination. Serve over ice with mint leaves or strawberries and a wedge of lime for a fresh zesty experience. 4% abv,,beer~cider 6pk bottle~sweden~~~,,,,n,,n 324,081062602019,-rekorderlig passionfruit cider * 4pk can [sweden],11. 2oz,7,9. 46,50. 53,6,,n,with bold aromas of ripe passion fruit and other tropical flavors this crisp and refreshing hard cider drinks like a sweet breeze on a hot summer’s day. We love it ice-cold on the rocks with a squeeze of lime alongside mango salsa and tortilla chips. 4. 5% abv,,beer~cider 6pk bottle~sweden~~~,,,,n,,n 324,081062602024,-rekorderlig mango raspberry cider * 4pk can [sweden],11. 2oz,8,9. 46,51. 35,6,,n,,,beer~cider 6pk bottle~sweden~~~,,,,n,,n 995,081070202020,1pagos del rey blume verdejo [spain],750ml,317,9. 46,102. 19,12,,n,briny orange grapefruit and grape-skin aromas announce an oily adequate palate. This has a gritty salty bitter-citrus flavor profile and a finish that’s oddly nutty.” – michael schachner wine enthusiast

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