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Beaucanon Estate Sauvignon Blanc

$226.99 / case(12)



Winemaker notes striving to recreate the classic and food-friendly sauvignon blancs our family has long produced in bordeaux we planted three special clones on our home vineyard of longwood ranch in 2007. Clones 376 44% and 317 44% make up the majority of the planting but a little musque clone 12% selection adds complexity and a lovely bouquet. The result is a wine with an entrancing nose of pomelo and guava fruit accented by notes of honeysuckle and candied lemon. The palate balances bright citrus pineapple and lime zest flavors against vibrant acidity and a thrilling minerality. Ready to drink upon release this is a perfect aperitif on its own but also pairs beautifully with a range of fresh seafood salads creamy pastas and creamy cheeses. Terroir located at the corner of atlas peak and oak knoll on a soil type sand with alluvium fan which exhibits gravely deposits with low content of coarse fragment. 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Cooks in approximately 11 minutes.,,foods~pasta~italy~~~,,n,,n 432,002409473012,#dececco pasta * spaghetti whole wheat #12 [italy],13. 25z,-7,2. 62,27. 03,12,,y,the spaghetto is the typical long rod pasta format with a round section.,,foods~pasta~italy~~~,,n,,n 432,002409476007,#dececco pasta * linguine spinach #7 [italy],12 oz,17,2. 52,25. 64,12,,y,all the de cecco whole wheat pasta is made according to the original dececco system. Other manufacturers utilize when processing whole weat grains a thermal treatment prior to the actual pasta making process in order to prevent the degradation of the fat substances. This does not happen in dececco thanks to the special method of obtaining wheat grains meal and use of low temperature drying system.,,foods~pasta~italy~~~,,n,,n 432,002409476012,#dececco pasta * spaghetti spinach #12 [italy],12 oz,22,2. 52,25. 64,12,,y,just like all the dececco pasta even the spinach specialities are made with the best durum wheat. 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