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Chateau De Fargues Lur Saluces Sauternes Semillon

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Profile 2005: a great success everywhere in bordeaux and absolutely brilliant in sauternes. Nothing is excessive and despite the wine’s richness everything is in balance. Harvest the first pass from 27th to 30th september produced wine of exquisite finesse. The 2nd and 3rd passes from the 8th to the 11th of october delighted us with juice that was both powerful and fresh. Summerlike temperatures in the middle of october combined with very welcome showers gave rise to a new burst of botrytis and picking started up again on the 24th. After two new passes bringing in wonderfully botrytised grapes the harvest came to an end on the 27th of october.” – chateau de fargues,,wine~french dessert wines~france~~bordeaux~,2005,y,,n 424,000000970566,1spec’s wine bottle bag * 6 bottle black fabric [usa],1 ct,359,1. 15,1. 04,1,,y,high quality with sturdy handles made of recycled polypropylene,,gifts~wine bags & boxes~usa~~~,,n,,y 424,000000970608,1spec’s grocery style bag * black [china],1 ct,240,1. 04,1. 04,1,,y,high quality with sturdy handles.,,gifts~wine bags & boxes~china~~~,,n,,y 670,000000974394,1w. H. Smith pinot noir [united states],750ml,135,30. 52,329. 56,12,,n,the wine is bursting with aromas of cherry cola and summer strawberries. The palate offers a creamy mouth feel with layers of depth showing hints of fruitcake and whiffs of smoky oak that lingers on the finish.,,wine~us pinot noir~united states~~california~,2014,y,red,y 415,000000974527,1libbey #3803 embassy dessert/martini ,8 oz,10,5. 88,62. 65,12,,y,,,gifts~glassware~~~~,,n,,n 420,000000977793,1cocktail shaker ss 30 oz ,30 oz,6,6. 94,74. 91,12,,y,stainless steel with satin polish interior and mirror finish exterior. Dishwasher safe.,,gifts~bar supply~~~~,,n,,n 290,000000984740,1ciroc snap frost vodka [france],50ml,15,5. 04,198. 32,60,,n,ciroc ultra-premium vodka is distilled from fine french grapes for an exquisitely smooth fresh vodka experience. The essence of ciroc ultra- premium vodka comes from fine french grapes which are distilled a fifth time at the historic distillerie de chevanceaux in the south of france. Ciroc ultra-premium vodka is gluten free. 40% abv 80 proof tasting notes: nose: refined citrus aromas. Palate: smooth lightly sweet and enriched by the natural character of grapes. Finish: crisp and clean.,,liquors~miniatures 50ml~france~~~,,n,,n 890,000000999904,1tenuta san guido sassicaia bolgheri cabernet sauvignon cabernet franc [italy],750ml,0,209. 46,1131. 09,6,,n,soil composition: soils have different morphological characteristics with a high incidence of limestone areas rich in clay and stones; they are situated between 100 and 400 meters above the sea level facing south / south-west. Climate: in bolgheri the 2014 vintage was unlike other wine areas as precipitation was scarce. The slow maturing of the cabernet grapes helped the phenolic ripening producing distinctive aromas and flavours never achieved in other vintages. The winter season was quite mild with frequent rainfall while the spring started late. The heat in may favored a good budding and the summer was warm until the end of july. In the month of august the temperatures were lower than the seasonal average. The maturation therefore was slowly and gradually accomplished although delayed. This favored aromatic extraction. The late summer rains did not harm the grapes that were monitored and cared for by the agronomists. As a result of slow maturation and favorable climatic condit

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