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Continuum Proprietary Red Bordeaux Blend Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Merlot, 2014

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Vintage notes after two cooler years 2012 was a welcome return to warmer and drier weather. 2012 enjoyed more accumulated degree-days in april and may (during budbreak and bloom) and again in august (veraison) than either 2010 or 2011 though the year was less warm overall than 2009. Total precipitation was about average at 25 inches for the year but well below what we had seen in 2010 and 2011 when the estate averaged 40 inches in unusually wet years. Bud break was a few days behind normal but bloom was early followed by veraison ahead of schedule with harvest about 5 days sooner than normal. The overall growing cycle was ten days longer than usual but had no rainy periods during the season and only two minor heat events one in mid-august and the second in late september just before harvest. Located at 1600 feet and so well above the fog line our estate on pritchard hill enjoys a more moderate climate than the valley floor. Overall the 2012 vintage was nearly perfect; long su,,wine~us meritage wines~united states~~california~,2012,y,red,n 350,000000285862,1erdinger hefe dark * 1/4 barrel keg [germany],7. 75g,,145. 25,,1,,n,,,beer~keg beer~germany~~~,,n,,n 487,000000285865,1cigar cutter innovator metal with spec’s logo ,,,11. 04,,1,,n,a metal guillotine cutter that comes in a variety of colors and brands.,,cigars~tobacco accessories~~~~,,n,,n 760,000000285995,1meurgey-croses vieilles vignes vire-clesse chardonnay [france],750ml,,20. 99,221. 68,12,,n,”appellation village created in 1999 it extends over 406. 65 hectares between clesse and vire. Our production comes exclusively from the locality le mont” in the town of clesse and whose vineyards are 65 years old. The fermentation takes place mainly in vats and for 20% in large barrels (400 – 600 liters).” – meurgey-croses

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