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Hattingley Valley Classic Cuvee Brut Champagne Blend Chardonnay Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier, 2016

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Our elegant sparkling wine is perfect for toasting all occasions. Description hattingley valley is proud to release its first classic reserve – a blend of several vintage wines (18% reserve wines). Grapes were hand harvested and whole bunch pressed. 15% of this wine was barrel fermented in old white burgundy barrels and partial malolactic fermentation took place in order to soften the wine’s natural acidity. After blending the wine underwent secondary fermentation in bottle and spent a minimum of 18 months ageing on its lees and at least 5 months on cork before release in our cellars add complexity to create our signature style. Food pairing this is the perfect aperitif or celebration drink it is the flawless accompaniment to any party enjoyed with any canape. Tasting notes pale gold in colour with an abundance of fine bubbles this hattingley valley classic reserve has vibrant baked apple creamy nougat and brioche notes on the nose supported by a hint of toast and fresh red f,,wine~sparkling wines miscellaneous~united kingdom~~england~,nv,n,white,n 180,506039139004,1hawthorn’s london dry gin 6/cs ,750ml,,20. 99,113. 37,6,,y,,,liquors~gin~~~~,,n,,y 255,506039968055,1benriach malt * 10yr [scotland],750ml,,55. 78,301. 20,6,,y,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,n 255,506039968217,1benriach malt * 12yr sherry cask 6/cs [united kingdom],750ml,,62. 07,340. 55,6,,n,this rich aromatic single malt scotch whisky has been created by marrying together whiskies matured in oloroso and pedro ximenez sherry butts sourced from jerez southern spain. 46% abv tasting notes nose mocha dark chocolate sultanas and rich spices. Colour deep gold – bronze. Taste the combination of oloroso and pedro ximenez sherry casks gives a wonderful balance of mocha and dark chocolate interwoven with figs sultanas vanilla fruits and rich spices. Awards silver outstanding medal – international wine & spirits competition 2015 gold best in class medal – international wine & spirits competition 2011 single malt scotch whisky trophy (15 years & under) – international wine & spirits competition 2011 single malt scotch whisky trophy (special edition) – international wine & spirits competition 2011,,liquors~scotch malts~united kingdom~~~,,n,,n 255,506039968577,1glendronach malt * 1990 [scotland],750ml,,1016. 83,5490. 88,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479019,1double dutch mixer * cucumber watermelon 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479020,1double dutch mixer * indian tonic water 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479021,1double dutch mixer * skinny tonic water 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479022,1double dutch mixer * cranberry tonic water 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479023,1double dutch mixer * pomegranate basil 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479044,1double dutch mixer * ginger beer 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 405,506043479045,1double dutch mixer * soda water 200ml 4 pack [england],4 pk,,4. 83,25. 52,6,,n,,,foods~tonic sodas~england~~~,,n,,n 264,506050407004,1corte vetusto mezcal * tobala 6/cs [mexico],750ml,,104. 99,566. 97,6,,y,,,liquors~mezcal~mexico~~~,,n,,y 264,506050407006,1corte vetusto mezcal * ensamble [mexico],750ml,,104. 99,566. 97,6,,y,,,liquors~mezcal~mexico~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832014,1glenallachie malt * 12yr 6/cs [scotland],750ml,,55. 78,301. 20,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832015,1glenallachie malt * 18yr 6/cs [scotland],750ml,,126. 31,682. 04,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832016,1glenallachie malt * 25yr 4/cs [scotland],750ml,,368. 41,1326. 27,4,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 250,506056832017,1macnairs lum reek peated blended malt 6/cs [scotland],750ml,,52. 62,284. 15,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch blends~scotland~~~,,n,,y 250,506056832018,1macnairs lum reek peated blended malt * 12yr [scotland],750ml,,66. 31,358. 04,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch blends~scotland~~~,,n,,y 250,506056832019,1macnairs lum reek peated blended malt * 21yr [scotland],750ml,,183. 99,662. 36,4,,n,,,liquors~scotch blends~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832025,1glenallachie malt * 10yr cask strength batch #2 [scotland],750ml,,71. 57,386. 46,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832062,1glenallachie malt * single sherry cask 29yr [scotland],750ml,,473. 67,1705. 22,4,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832065,1glenallachie malt * single cask 12yr virgin oak [scotland],750ml,,105. 25,378. 91,4,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832106,1glenallachie malt * ralfy’s 10th anny. 13yr sherry [scotland],750ml,,110. 52,397. 85,4,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506056832109,1glenallachie malt * 15yr 6/cs [scotland],750ml,,83. 99,453. 54,6,,n,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506063040000,1sutherlands tomatin * 17yr [scotland],750ml,,94. 73,1023. 03,12,,y,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506063040001,1sutherlands benrinnes malt * 18yr [scotland],750ml,,103. 99,1123. 07,12,,y,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 255,506063040002,1sutherlands inchgower malt * 17yr [scotland],750ml,,94. 73,1023. 03,12,,y,,,liquors~scotch malts~scotland~~~,,n,,y 250,506500048260,1compass box the spice tree blended malt scotch whisky [united kingdom],750ml,,69. 46,375. 09,6,,n,it’s back. Our seminal and award-winning malt whiskey the spice tree. 46% abv the second coming: first launched in 2005 we were forced to discontinue production under a legal threat by the scotch whiskey association (swa) for our pioneering use of the highest quality french oak inner staves. This despite rave reviews from consumers trade and press. We agreed to disagree with the swa and halted production. Over the following three years we developed a new maturation process which yielded similar if not superior results to our previous method and this new process is something the swa can’t take any issue with. The spice tree was then relaunched in september 2009. The whiskey & the method: as in the past the spice tree is made from 100% malt whiskey sourced from northern highland distilleries (notably and primarily malt whiskey distilled in the village of brora). The primary maturation is in a mix of first-fill and refill american oak. What is different is the,,liquors~scotch blends~united kingdom~~~family:compass box,,n,,n 850,520000000645,1gavalas santorini [greece],750ml,,40. 99,442. 74,12,,n,,,wine~eastern mediterranean~greece~~santorini~,2017,y,white,n 850,520011097010,1domaine zafeirakis limni [greece],750ml,,28. 83,155. 68,6,,n,,,wine~eastern mediterranean~greece~~thessaly, pgi tyrnavos~,vt,y,,n 850,520012135009,1sclavos orgion mavrodaphne [greece],750ml,,29. 25,315. 92,12,,n,all scavlos wines follow the same criteria: old-vine original rootstock bush vines are used irrespective of the cultivar spontaneous yeast fermentation unfined unfiltered bottling and nominal sulphuring. The average yields in all of sclavos wines rarely rise above 30 hl/ha with some going as low as 16 hl/ha. The vines are not irrigated and benefit from the unique limestone terroir of the robola zone in eastern cephalonia under the slopes of mt. Ainos and the limestone clay and sandstone soils of the paliki peninsula. Collectively these processes make for some of the most natural wines that greece produces. The main goal of the winery is to produce wines that are inexorably linked to the terroir of cephalonia with fauna flora soil and micro-climate all adding to the diverse influences on the vine and cultivars.” – sclavos winery

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