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Delicious Cheese & Drink Pairings - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Delicious Cheese And Drink Pairings

When you think of pairing cheese with a drink, wine is usually the first to come to mind. And with good reason; cheese’s high fat content tends to coat the tongue and dampen taste receptors to beverages, but the acidity of a well-paired wine can cut through this creamy barrier…

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Summer Wine & Cheese Pairings - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

Wine & Cheese Pairings

Before we get started, the most important thing to remember for any pairing situation is to go with what you like. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, if you enjoy it go for it! That being said, we’ve put together some general guidelines you’re totally free to ignore. If…

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National Cheese Day - Spec's Wines, Spirits, & Finer Foods

National Cheese Day: Top Cheeses to Cherish

It’s National Cheese Day and that means it’s time to slice, melt, spread, and crumble your way to mouthwatering nirvana. We’ve put together a list of 6 of our favorite cheeses to help you do just that! Why Is Cheese So Good? First, we wanted to know what makes cheese…

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Cognac And Cheese Pairings

How To Pair Cognac and Cheese

What Is Cognac? COGNAC is one of the most iconic spirits. Its origin can be traced all the way back to 1549, at a famous town in the South of France in which it takes its name. Often considered a luxury item, cognac pairs exceptionally well with artisanal cheeses. Is…

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Delicious Deli Sandwich, Anyone?

Though people have been tucking meat between bread since the Middle Ages, the modern concept of the deli sandwich is often credited to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Always a multitasker, it is said that Montagu’s goal was to be able to play cards while eating, without getting…

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Pull Into Port! Fortified Wine Facts

In wintertime, it’s always good to stay fortified, and Spec’s suggests that fortified wine in port form is a delicious way to meet that requirement! We stock plenty of ports in all styles, but the two most popular ports are ruby and tawny ports. These ports range in flavor and…

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Super Scores: Wines for Football Season

Why not kick off football season with some MVP food and wine pairings? Spec’s carries a great selection of football foods and winning wines for a perfect pigskin party! Sunday morning before the game and you’re firing up the grill? Those marinating ribeyes will pair beautifully with a Spanish Rioja…

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