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Sweet White Wine Pairing

Chocolate And Wine Pairings

How To Pair Wine And Chocolate

Can you hear the fluttering of cupid’s wings? Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Whether you plan to buy something sweet for your sweetie, or you just plan to ‘treat yo’ self,” there’s no denying that now’s the time for some rich, decadent chocolate. The only thing better than…

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Wine And Holiday Cookie Pairings

Wines To Pair With Holiday Cookies

The holiday season just isn’t the same without cookies. But if you think holiday cookies are only for kids (and Santa)—think again! The right wine pairing makes any holiday cookie a delicacy. Yes, any! With so many types of holiday cookies, it’s important to know just which varietal to pair…

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Memorial Day Recipe Secrets

Memorial Day! Here we grill again—a 3-day weekend when we all ready the steel spatulas. Stock up on the ice and charcoal, and prepare for one of the greatest American summer traditions. But before you do—try these gourmet tips to add some extra flair and skill to your Memorial Day…

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Holiday Cookie & Wine Pairings

Poor Santa Claus. All that work squeezing himself down every chimney, and what does he get rewarded with? Cookies and milk. Now we don’t have anything against dairy, but we believe that if you’re going to enjoy a cookie, the right wine will produce a much more gratifying pairing option.…

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Say “Cheesecake” Day!

Talk about the ultimate smooth operator, cheesecake pretty much creams the dessert competition when it comes to pure seductiveness. Just mention the word “cheesecake” and the mouthwatering begins. No wonder today is dedicated to its deliciousness! Of course, all that velvety goodness requires a delicate beverage balance. You want a…

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Popcorn & Wine – A Perfect Pair!

There’s more than a kernel of truth to the idea that wine and popcorn make a great twosome. Here’s your chance to find out! In honor of National Popcorn Day, choose one of our gourmet variations on the usual popcorn fare below–just to shake things up. Pop by Spec’s for…

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Find Your Sweet Spot

There’s a secret side to wines many people have yet to fully explore and appreciate—dessert wines! Defined in the U.S. as any wine over 14% ABV, dessert wines serve as the perfect finale to a delicious meal, whether served with a dessert or in place of one! When pairing wine…

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