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Peanut Butter Cocktail Recipes - Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods

National Peanut Butter Day Cocktails

Chunky or creamy, peanut butter is just dreamy! From the classic PB&J to a smoothie ingredient to just eating it out of the jar, peanut butter has been an American staple for decades. So, on National Peanut Butter Day, we dug deep to find our favorite peanut butter drink recipes.…

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3 Simple, Southern Whisky Cocktails

Just like us here at Spec’s—you probably live here in the south. And whether or not you were born here in Texas, there’s no denying that southern living has a special feeling to it. When a southerner thinks of home, they think of many things: Pecan pie. Hospitality. Taking it…

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National Irish Coffee Day

Joseph Sheridan, creator of the first Irish coffee uses: "Cream as rich as an Irish brogue; coffee as strong as a friendly hand; sugar sweet as the tongue of a rogue; and whiskey smooth as the wit of the land." Celebrate this invigorating elixir by stopping by your nearest Spec’s…

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