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Pineapple Margarita

1/4 fresh pineapple
8 ounces blanco tequila
4 ounces Triple Sec or Cointreau
2 ounces fresh lime juice
Spicy Salt


Rim glass with Spicy Salt! Run a cut lime around the rims of 4 glasses then run the wet rims through the salt.

Cut the ends off the pineapple and cut in half lengthwise then again so you have 4 long strips. Cut the peel off one of the strips & then cut into 1-inch pieces.

Place 4 pineapple slices into a cocktail shaker or mason jar and top with the tequila and Cointreau (or Triple Sec).

Muddle for one minute, or until the pineapple looks pulpy.

Add the lime juice and some ice to the shaker, stir to cool.
Strain into the salt-rimmed glasses and garnish with lime slices and pineapple wedges.


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