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Riedel Rest. Cabernet / Merlot 12pk

Reidel's veritas collection is specially designed to bring out the best in fine wines for a gorgeous addition to entertaining in exquisite crystal.

Riedel Rest. Degustazione • Red Wine 12pk

Riedel have proven to restaurateurs and consumers globally that wine appreciation really does start with the glass these glasses are of high quality and are extremely functional for what riedel is known for yet very reasonably priced.

Riedel Ouverture • White Wine 2 Pack 6408 / 05

Each glass holds 9-7/8 ounces and stands 7-1/8 inches high. Though glasses shaped and sized for different types of wine seem commonplace today when riedel introduced this idea in 1961 it was revolutionary.

Riedel Sommelier • Cab / Chablis / Chard 4400 / 0

The classic shape of riedel's sommeliers chablis/chardonnay wine glass perfectly showcases the best qualities of light dry whites. It highlights the invigorating freshness of young wines and the nutty spicy mineral flavors of more mature wines.

Riedel Sommelier • Single Malt Whiskey 4400 / 80

Handmade of mouth-blown full lead crystal this malt whiskey glass is from riedel's top-of-the-line sommeliers collection and is for those who take whiskey seriously. As with its sommeliers wine glasses riedel put the same amount of research and experience behind developing the shape of this glass for malt whiskeys employing the help of master distillers in scotland flavor. The delicate glass holds 7 punces of whiskey and expert single malt tasters in austra. The result is the "elongated thistle"-shaped glass on a short stem which perfectly enhances the soft and stands 4-1/2 inches high with a 2-1/2-inch wide bowl. Malt flavor of whiskey. The glass's flared lip directs whiskey to the tip of the tongue to draw attention to whiskey's sweetness and draws out a single malt's creamy texture. Expert tasters confirm that this glass shape is superior to tumblers which inhibit whiskey's aroma and balloon snifterss which highlight the alcohol too much and bring out a cognac-like

Riedel Sommelier • Hermitage / Syrah 4400 / 30

Amarone barbera blaufrankisch chateauneuf-du-pape cornas cote rotie crozes hermitage grenache hermitage malbec mourvedre petite sirah priorato saint joseph shiraz syrah. It is shaped to deliver the classic syrah aromas of toast and black olive. On the palate it brings our the wine's silky velvety structure and balanced flavors. The tannins milt into the fruit appearing sweet rather that acerbic on the back palate.

Riedel Rest. Manhattan Highball 12pk

Stylish and versatile manhattan is a classical range of tumblers specially developed for demanding on-premise and juices. The glasses of the series are easy use. The collection features four sizes with the perfect lead free crystal. Made in germany to handle and ideal for equipping the minibar breakfasts and any other high volume usage. Options for spirits cocktails long drinks beer water
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