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The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram Allspice Liqueur

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Argh! Avast ye! Fer what ye might be a wantin’ in yer grog the bitter truth pimento be all yer need. The color o’ a treasure chest and the smell o’ home – jamaica – yer won’t be wastin’ this on yer parrot. Pimento or allspice fer ye land lubbers be a berry that when dried ‘ll taste like cinnamon clove and nut- meg. All o’ which go together like a sea shanty and a drunken sailor with the heady jamaican rum argh! Try it an’ yer’ll find a jacobs ladder o’ flavour from clove te cinnamon te nutmeg te star anis w’ a finish o’ hot smoked maple syrup and dry cardamom and clove ah-gain. Stick it w’ some rum in yer black jack and yer powder monkey’s ‘ll be avast swingin’ on the poopdeck all night. Arrrrgh! 22% abv the bitter truth pimento dram is based on selected pimento/allspice (also called jamaica pepper) and the finest jamaican rum. English explorers coined the term allspice because the berry seemed to embody the flavors of cinnamon nutmeg and clove all at once. On the caribbean island of jamaica this distinctive aromatic liqueur has been produced for generations by macerating allspice in rum. Tasting notes: sweet spicy and very intense. Clove initially presents itself in the foreground fading into the pure flavors of cinnamon nutmeg and pepper which linger on the tongue.

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