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Courvoisier V.s. Cognac

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An elegant and harmonious cognac with strong notes of fresh fruit and a fresh oaky taste. Patrice pinet master blender. 40% abv blend: courvoisier vs (very special) is a mouth-watering blend of cognacs offering complex fruity notes with a unique richness and depth. Tasting notes: perfect harmony and balance of aromas aroma is everything for cognac. The character of each individual note is shaped by its terroir grape cask and years of maturation.  this is why courvoisier takes great care to nurture every possible aroma at every possible stage of the cognac-making process. In recognition of this quality courvoisier is consistently awarded in numerous spirits competition (iwsc and san francisco spirits competition) fresh oakiness: a testament to the fine french oak of our casks and our coopers’ skillful artistry but carefully controlled to make sure it doesn’t dominate the fruity and floral aromas. Spring flowers: the hallmark of selected grapes harvested at their peak by our expert wine growers. These highly aromatic grapes mature quickly and produce a very smooth cognac. Ripe fruits: the distillation in our smaller 25 hectolitre alambic pot stills produces luscious notes of fresh grapes pear lemon orange and other ripe fruits the signature aromas of courvoisier vs. Serving suggestions: neat: serve courvoisier vs at room temperature and after pouring leave for a minute to allow it to fully release its bright and youthful aromas. Our master blender calls this ‘la minute mystique’. For a fresh twist courvoisier vs can be served super-chilled in an icy bottle so it pours like nectar. Cocktails: world-famous mixologist dale de groff once stated that courvoisier vs was his favorite vs cognac. With its pronounced fruit and flower aromas courvoisier vs is one of the most versatile spirits when it comes to creating cocktails and punches. From simple mixes with cola lemonade and ginger ale to more elaborate cocktails that build on its fresh and fruity flavors.

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