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Alexander Valley Vineyards Estate Grown & Bottled Wetzel Family Estate Merlot

$107.87 / case(12)



Merlot from the wetzel family estate has a reputation for being a big structured wine. First produced in 1984 this has never been one of those fruit bombs or thin and wimpy wines. The western drought continued in 2015 and was once again the topic of much discussion. A cool spring rain at bloom and a hot july along with the continued effects from the lack of rain contributed to lower yields. As a result the grapes had terrific concentration and superb fruit flavors at harvest. We prune our merlot vines heavily and drop fruit several times during the growing season so the remaining clusters ripen evenly. Winemaker kevin hall has found that fermenting merlot at a little cooler temperature than some of our other bordeaux grapes maintains the lush flavors and structure. After fermentation the lots spend 15 months aging in a combination of french and american oak barrels. This wine always impresses red wine lovers and we refer to it as a merlot for cabernet lovers. There are,,wine~us merlot~united states~~california~,vt,y,,n 433,008589830000,#blaze’s beans * pickled green beans [canada],25 oz,13,6. 62,69. 09,12,,y,crunchy spicy beans developed as a garnish for bloody marys. These beans are also great with a cold beer in a salad or straight out of the jar. Bright color uniform size and shape and zesty spice with a garlic clove in every jar. Blaze’s beans brine is an all-natural recipe and has won several awards since 1994.,,foods~pickles peppers capers~canada~~~,,n,,n 910,008590400001,2mogen david pomegranate red blend [united states],1. 5l,6,6. 28,35. 12,6,,n,”an incredibly smooth tasty delight that has the perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of tartness.”- mogen david,,wine~kosher wines~united states~kosher~new york~family:mogen david,nv,y,red,n 220,008591601291,1newport amaretto liqueur [united states],lt,13,7. 36,79. 45,12,,n,newport has researched and selected the highest quality all natural flavorings for its new cordial line. This means each is delicious by itself on-the-rocks or with a favorite mixer. Premium quality plus higher alcohol strength which accentuates each product’s natural flavors. Newport gave special attention to label graphics so important when consumers select a product. The natural ingredients are conveyed in fresh bright eye catching colors with easy-to-read flavor names. 12. 5% abv 50 proof,,liquors~liqueur~united states~~~,,n,,n 220,008591601460,1mohawk peach schnapps [united states],lt,56,7. 36,79. 45,12,,n,a delightful liqueur with the rich aromas and natural taste of peaches. 24% abv,,liquors~liqueur~united states~~~,,n,,n 220,008591604523,1melone melon liqueur [united states],lt,10,7. 15,75. 54,12,,n,,,liquors~liqueur~united states~~~,,n,,n 220,008591641008,1newport sour watermelon schnapps [united states],lt,39,7. 36,79. 45,12,,n,15% abv,,liquors~liqueur~united states~~~,,n,,n 905,008591900428,2ste genevieve sweet moscato muscat [united states],1. 5l,5,8. 99,48. 57,6,,n,this medium-bodied wine is subtly golden in color and is very aromatic featuring a floral and honeysuckle nose. It displays flavors of subtle orange peach and honeysuckle and it has a smooth soft sweet finish. Food pairings great as an aperitif and good with fruit salads and sweet fresh medium to light weight deserts.” – ste genevieve

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